Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas’ Old, Old Story told again this evening

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Christmas’ Old, Old Story told again this evening
As we sang the old carols again this evening there was a warmth in the sanctuary.  Together in the dimmed light we enjoyed the pleasant memories that flooded each of us from a long time ago.
Each year Northview Church gets together on Christmas Eve to remember again the time long ago when Jesus was born.  If it was the actual date or not – it doesn’t matter for any of us. We were raised to remember Jesus’ birthday.
Tonight at the end of the service the Children’s Pastor Heather brought out a large Birthday Cake and the kids came forward to blow out the candles together – for our benediction to a wonderful service together. Then each child was given a balloon on a string to help remember what we did.
It was a creative night with much to think about.
I smiled as we left the building to enter the cold wind outside.  For a number there tonight it may be their last time to do this. They are getting old and frail. Others are moving away. Things change whether we want it to or not.
That fact alone makes this night special. It makes each moment together meaningful.  I have learned to take nothing for granted – at all.
It is Christmas Eve as I write this… and I say – “Merry Christmas to each of you – wherever you may be this year!”
~ Murray Lincoln ~

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