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Digital Camera problems – dark spots on the screen and on the photos

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Digital Camera problems – dark spots on the screen and on the photos
Argghhh! My Digital Camera is acting up. I don’t need this now… not another expense just before Christmas.
My life and experience with cameras has been forever.  It was only when I was very young that I never owned a camera but was included in all the shots that my parents had taken.
The really old cameras worked forever and would still be working if you could buy the film for them. But a Digital Camera will not last forever – so they tell me.
My problem?  Well there have been these ugly grey and black fuzzy things showing up now on all the photos I take.  They have grown in number and also are changing places ever so slowly.
Do I have an expensive repair coming soon? I hope not.
So going to my faithful Google Search engine I described my camera, make and model – plus the problems I was having.
There it was – other people have had problems with the cameras as well… but not just this one I have but other cameras as well.
It can be fixed by a repair centre – meaning sending it away and waiting and hoping to see if they will be able to do something.
The camera is dirty – actually dusty inside. I have been too close to dusty stuff – i.e. my garage and the wood carving that I do.
Then I sat and read some more… dust gets in around the lens that moves in and out.  It gets on to the optic mechanism and then shows as part of the photos. Because it is small on a magnifying lens – it appears large on my photo.  Something like a bug landing on my nose.
If dust gets in – could it come out the same are that it went in?
So I took the camera to the vacuum cleaner, turned both the camera and vacuum on and carefully placed the hose about two inches away… sucking softly.
I had the camera on as I stated and watched the screen and the spots… poof they were gone… one – then two and then the other three… sucked out easily.
I fixed my camera with the shop vac in my garage.
Mind you I didn’t apply the full force of the suction to the camera face – I thought I might just suck out the lens into the dusty bag.
So if you have spots of darkness on your camera – give it a try. It might just work for you.
Oh BTW – my camera is a Samsung DV300F – that is a dual view camera with all the small bells and whistles.
Oh and another BTW – check your camera for dust spots by turning it on.  Point toward a light coloured surface… then move the lens to telephotos… zoom in on the white surface.  If there is dust you will see lots of black stuff…
Good luck.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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