Monday, December 2, 2013

My Kingdom come – “Demons” by Imagine Dragons – Wow!

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My Kingdom come – “Demons” by Imagine Dragons – Wow!
“My Kingdom come???” Did I hear that right?
I had been listening to the radio and the newer music being broadcast lately.  It is so different from that my old Rock and Roll… and I love it.
The words that caught my attention of course are an adaptation of words that Jesus spoke so long ago, “Thy Kingdom come...” a part of the Christian ‘Lord’s Prayer’!!
Whoa – how does a new music group use this sensitive part of a spiritual interaction with God?
I looked at my Radio display that gives me the name of the song and the group playing it – and which station it is coming from… there it was “Demons” (the Title) – “Imagine Dragons” (the Group) played on Magic 96.7 FM in Peterborough.
Now they had my attention to find out more…
First I looked up info – the Song and Group on Google.
Here is what came up… you need to be the detective – to see why I sat there with my mouth open and said, “Wow!”
Now – if you will read all of this, listen to the song, watch the video… then if you have time read the comments below the video presentation.
My hat goes off to Imagine Dragons – you have made us think… and maybe helped a whole lot along the way.

~ Murray Lincoln ~
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