Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I woke up this morning and said ‘Good Lord what happened!?’

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I woke up this morning and said ‘Good Lord what happened!?’
Way to PM Stephen Harper and your Conservative Cronies – you have done it again! Wahoo!  No holes in your ears! (See my yesterday’s blog post).
I woke up this morning to find out my dimmer switch for turning down my lights to a romantic level will soon no longer work. Poof – a Conservative initiative they say.  How could this happen?  Well you can no longer buy the old bulbs that the dimmers worked with and the new bulbs will not work with dimmers.
I woke up this morning to find out that all jobs that were once filled with foreign workers will have to now be filled with Canadian workers. And this is especially true of the strippers, exotic dancers, escorts, and all things done by massage parlours.  The Conservatives claim that this was an ugly “Liberal ideal” to have these sexy ladies doing this stuff in our lovely and pure land of Canada. Conservatives are now insisting that the local Canadian unemployed workers be given the opportunity and that foreign workers that have been doing this work WILL BE STOPPED. Should an employer be caught bringing sexy ladies into our fine land to do this work… the employer will be subjected to stiff penalties.
You’re kidding me! In other words the Conservatives want our own daughters and wives doing this kind of stuff!
If it was a really a Liberal ideal to have it the way the Conservatives said they did… it was better than my granddaughter up there doing that stuff… or your granddaughter.
Now I know that sounds like a stupid rave on my part… but when my rave is placed beside Conservatives stupid ideas… mine isn’t stupid.
Wouldn’t it be better to close down places that hire strippers and exotic dancers – or all the other places that do these things?  I don’t think that it is good for foreigners or homies to do this kind of thing for any low life drooling over his drink as the poor person has to strip!
Don’t you feel the same way?
But no – PM Stephen Harper has to have an issue and then solve a problem.
I woke up this morning to find out that there is a new measure of Tax rules now in place. Things will change for the E.I. rates and an apparent Tax Program additive called a “zapper” will now become severely illegal with huge fines. Should anyone be creating a “zapper”, he is she will be zapped out of existence with mega-millions fines.
Sheesh I never even knew there was a “zapper” but my suspicions are that it is a Conservative trick to get people’s attention away from the real problem – “Political Zappers” that sit in the Senate and have been elected to the House of Commons (Parliament) that have been sucking Canadians dry for every cent they can get…. FOR YEARS!
Political Zappers come in all colours – Blue, Red, Orange and Green – all our Canadian political parties. And it is easily assumed here that the leaders of the parties are the biggest zappers going.
I woke up this morning to find that folk born and raised in other parts of the world that now live in Canada as citizens are going to be able reunite their parents living overseas with their family living in Canada. In other words they will have more ease of bringing Mom and Dad to Canada to live.
Do you think that maybe – just maybe that the Conservatives are smart enough to think that the newly minted Canadians that are brought over by their Children and also the Children might just offer a VOTE for the CONSERVATIVES in the next election?!?!? DUH?!
I have nothing against people honestly applying and being granted a place in our great country.  Immigrants you are welcome in my mind. BUT when it is done in a way that Political Zappers can get access to more and more of my own money… that is nuts.
I woke up this morning to the fact that Conservative majority Governments are a pain in the… you know where.
But as I thought of it more… no foreign strippers or exotic dancers will be allowed… but if Foreigner… Granny or Gramps has been involved in the business they will be okay. They will be Canadian citizens and could apply now.  But the dimmer bulbs used in the clubs and bars where these people might work cannot be dimmed any longer… it will be bright and glaring… and should a “zapper’ be involved in anything to do with taxes – God help the folk involved there.  But God help Canadians if they ever vote in another Big C Blue machine again.  But then what choice will anyone have.
Dictatorship… hmmm?  Nope we have had that for the last few years… when only one person and one party and one set of cronies knows what is best for you.
Good morning – it is 2014! Yikes.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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