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"Nelson Mandela" - Motivation Elite – contributed by Tonia Robinson

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"Nelson Mandela" - Motivation Elite – contributed by Tonia Robinson
The life of the Great Human Rights Icon, late Nelson Mandela, has had a profoundly positive human impact. Most recently witnessed this impact during one of my motivational counseling sessions. A young man was asked ” Did  Nelson Mandela quit his mission after 27 years of imprisonment? Did he say regretfully that he lost so much time and decide to pack up and retire in some remote island?” That question, in reflection of the life of Nelson Mandela, created a paradigm shift for that young man. He left with his own mission in life renewed. He was inspired by the life of a man who may have left this world but never will leave our hearts.
Mandela stood the test of time becoming President of the said country that once held him prisoner. Nelson Mandela, may his soul rest in peace, by his life transformed many lives. His legacy would continue to do so.   There is no death for the souls that risked everything for justice, for freedom, for the very ideals we cherish as human beings.
Long live the Spirit of Nelson Mandela. Unconquerable Soul! The following poem represents him well…

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul…”
William Ernest Henley

This is the Human Impact we all possess. Life can be hard. Sometimes unfair. Like Nelson Mandela, may your vision be so large that you become impenetrable and unconquerable.  Your love so powerful it overcomes hate…Endure, persist, overcome.
We all have a definite time frame to accomplish our life’s purpose. May we live each day with renewed focus to give all we can to standing up for justice, freedom and equal rights of all!

Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Long live the spirit of Nelson Mandela! Freedom Fighter! Peace Maker!
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