Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Sadness - Joy, Peace, Love

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Christmas Sadness - Joy, Peace, Love
Joy, Peace, Love, and all kinds of Happy People – everywhere!  Well maybe not in the Malls and at stores as they finish their last minute shopping.  Some are a little frazzled to say the least.
But the church sign states that Christmas is all about Joy, Peace, and Love.
But that is not necessarily true.
Some of my friends have lost loves ones this year.  The place setting that is normally for that special family member is now empty.  One chair is not needed.  There is a void.
The family will not get a Card this year from Grandma because Grandma, who was always all things “Christmas” – decorations, and Christmas Treats, extra baking and all that she did, is gone. It will not happen. Grandma is gone.
One family I know lost their 16 year daughter and this year she will be dearly missed. Even approaching the Christmas Tree and the start of giving out of the gifts will not be the same. When the rotation took place and Dad gave out each gift, his daughter had a unique place as being in the middle of all the kids… and there will be no gifts for that one.
If that family pauses to consider the Joy, Peace, and Love – it will have a different meaning for sure.
No one will be able to describe the empty and hollow feeling that comes from knowing that Dad will never laugh again with the family.
No one will ever be able to tell you what it is like to want to call the person that you call each year at this time to share your memories of the past 12 months. They can no longer answer the call. There is no one home… in fact the home was sold earlier in the year when the death took place.
This time of year special people are empty and homes are too quiet.  I think of my friend’s family as they are no longer there for the celebration – and I can do nothing to help.
I wanted to yell out to the church with the sign… “That won’t happen for everyone – take the sign down!!”
Yet I have to remember that the God that allowed his Son to come in an expression of His Great Love – lived like we live and loved the same too.  And Yes God – I do believe in that wonderful message of Joy, Peace, and Love.
I pray for all those that lost loved ones this year and the year before.
I am also praying for all the folk that are recovering in the hospital. Guys like Paul Munro that is 53, just had a massive stroke and may lose a number of his abilities to cope with life.  Their family will concentrate around his bed this year… celebrating will change. But Paul is alive and the stroke could have been worse.
I pray for my Uncle Irving today.  This weekend he will enter a Hospice home to begin the last days with the help that he will need. Irving has found out that the cancer that he had has now developed in his brain and it is very serious. He has lived a long life – but will be dearly missed.  Having this all happen at Christmas is very difficult for all the family… as some of them spend time with their kids along ways from where Dad and Mom are… then face the New Year with the next step his “home going”.
Then again it is closer to home each day for my wife and me. Each morning I go into to wake my mother I am never sure if she will be able to get up one more time. Her hope is to die quietly in her sleep. And now at 92 – almost 93 – I am never sure if last night was her last night with us.  As her abilities and mobility decrease I wish that she could have her final wish… but until that happens there will be one more Christmas with us.  Then I think in every action that we do together… could this be the last time I help her.
Joy, Peace, and Love are there, but at times it hard to remember how I should act.
God, please help my friends that are facing this difficult season.  Thanks so much.
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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