Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas – Transformed into a “socialist’s festival for peace”

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Christmas – Transformed into a “socialist’s festival for peace”
Yes you read that right – Christmas was transformed into a “socialist’s festival for peace”. It happened in Germany – East Germany to be exact when the Communist Government of Russia took control of its people.  Being that their Government was “atheist and anti-materialist” and wouldn’t allow Jesus nor Santa Claus to be part of their communities – they had to give it some kind of name that no one else used!
It isn’t that way any longer after the 1990 fall of the Wall and the transformation that started to take place.
But even though the political leaders of the time forced these radical ideologies on its population – the wood carvers would not stop doing what they had always had done – carve beautiful creations – just the way they always had.
I found this interesting article about the undying spirit of people that deserve better treatment than they had received.  My hat goes off to these amazing people of Germany – the Wood Carvers.

You might like to read more about what actually took place in this article from the Global Post - Germany: “How Christmas survived communism”

Mind you – today they are trying their hardest to maintain “Father Christmas’” place in their society versus the American/Coca Cola style of Santa Claus… which is most of our Western World’s way of looking at the old dude.
One part of my soul and self is German – I think you would classify it as at least 25% with Great Grandparents coming to the USA first from Germany, and then eventually to Canada.  When I read the article something inside me stood up proudly and said, “Ja. Vielen Dank Holzschnitzer
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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