Saturday, August 13, 2011

Watching Britain Burn – can you smell the smoke?

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Today’s Blog Post

Watching Britain Burn – can you smell the smoke?
All of us have been watching the tremendous upheaval in Britain this past week. Almost every night the hooligans have run riot in the streets of different cities, burning and looting.

Some of the reports that have come our way suggest that the young hooligans are from families and communities where the conditions are horrible. The young men cannot find work and most are on welfare of some sort or other.

I am not sure of what I read. I can believe some of the reports I am sure.

Without a doubt there is some terrible conditions that these young folk face. Their education has ended formally. University tuition has been raised so high many which had been planning to attend, cannot not make it a reality. There are fewer and fewer jobs to make any money. More and more are forced to look for social assistance.

My statement is far less accurate than it should be to make that kind of statement in such a generalized way.

Now add to that a new uprising of anti-government sentimentality, with people that are just anti establishment and anti everything mixed into that… agitation is possible. This group easily uses the masses of youth that are disenchanted to carry out the destruction that is happening. The Anarchists have their own army.

A confused government and very likely under funded police cannot cope with what they have been experiencing. They were overwhelmed with this past week. Communities were destroyed as all hell broke loose.

Now at the very same time this great confusion is taking place a sale of a piece of property took place. It was the most expensive sale to take place for a private residence to date in Britain.

The house sold to a Russian person, some one from Russia, for a 140 Million Pounds Sterling – about $300 Million USD!!!

Andrew Hough reports in the Telegraph… quote…
“The buyer, who has not been identified, has snapped up the 300 year-old Grade II-listed property, in the village of Remenham, near Henley-on-Thames, Oxon.

The record sale also reportedly includes about 200 acres of the parklands, listed monuments, house, cottages, stables and a boat house.

The £140m sale price makes it Britain’s most expensive house, eclipsing the £136m sale at One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, central London, earlier this year.
Experts said the sale showed that the top end property market was still buoyant despite the global economic crisis.

Park Place, which has 30,000 square feet of living space and is set in 570 acres, was bought for £42m in 2007 by Mike Spink, a developer who specialises in upmarket properties.” End quote.

Remenham, near Henley-on-Thames, is 37.1 miles from London – 56 minutes away from the fire burning each night. In Henley on the Thames you could easily smell the smoke from the fires the night before if the winds were right.

Within this small country of England there are huge disparities that few of us from outside can fathom.

For a long time the education system has been failing children. That part is not new. The kids with wealthy backgrounds and the means make it in good schools. The ones that don’t have… will never make it.

Our own daughters attended a British School system/style in Hong Kong. The students that made it through the tough tests of early Senior School.. simply made it. The others that were not so inclined or didn’t really try hard enough for one reason or another simply were streamed to a lower group… that would never be expected to make much of their lives. The high stream would go on.. the lower stream would be expected to drop out or simply stop.

My guess is that in the burning communities in London and the different cities of Britain that suffered so this week… there are many of these disillusioned youth that dropped out, quit, never made the higher level… and were cast aside.

Yet a mere 37.1 Miles from where they risked their lives to steal small electronic gadgetry… a house sold for an OSCENE PRICE.. to become a residence for one family… that isn’t even from Britain(that is my guess).

The deepest frustration of these youth is finally witnessed. They have caught the attention of leadership. Whether anything will be done about it – remains to be seen.

Now what will they do about it? Would you have the answer?

Canada looks better all the time. We are so blessed with what we have. But we also have many who have absolutely nothing… living a mere few steps from where we live.

Oh Boy… Oh Boy… Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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