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2011 OFMF Convention and Rendezvous – August 26 & 27, 2011

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Today’s Blog Post

2011 OFMF Convention and Rendezvous 
What an amazing opportunity to be included as one of the Business Presenters at the Ontario Fur Managers Federation – convention!

Along with many members of OFMF and also many, many visitors from all over Ontario – as well as folk up from the USA, it was a joy to take part in this week’s happening.

I want to thank the organizers and the governing body of OFMF for this convention.

I am an outsider looking in. And from what I witnessed, you folk need a big pat on the back for what you have accomplished. I know that it was the “Lindsay District Fur Harvesters and the Southern Region” that hosted everyone this year. Way to go folks!

You made it great experience for us outsiders.

My wife and I can both testify to the fact that the men and women that we talked to about the harvesting of fur and the overall care for animals of all kinds – are simply amazing.

Trappers may have had and maybe are often receiving a bad rap. The negative media and press that have been generated by the “opposition” is loud. The biggest problem I see is that these men and women, the numerous groups and associations of “fur people” – are not as noisy as the “opposition”. And I believe that if the general public could become aware of the care and the ability of this group of people, they would be more than a little impressed.

I am actually blown away by what I have witnessed this week.

I am not sure that they will every read what I write… but if they(you) do.. you (they) need to know that there are two people, Murray and Alida (the two folk at Misty Hollow Carving’s Booth) that were really impressed.

And you know what the funny part is? We did not attend a seminar or an indoctrination group to become impressed. We simply listened to men and women speak about their passion and deep care while they were in our booth.

Rather that say much more I simply going to post a bunch of photos for you to look at. It could be that many members couldn’t get there this week. I hope the photos help you enjoy the two days of “Fur Stuff”.

BTW – in the photos you will see me demonstrating my Spring Pole Lathe. I was helped by dozen’s of kids that were at the show. Some were visitors and others belong to the great families that attended this very family friendly event.

The kids talked to us as well.

One young lady, about 10 years old spent quite a bit of time with us. She was looking at some of my Pyrography covered boxes. My wife asked her why she wanted to maybe buy one. Her young eyes welled up with tears and she told us that it would be for her Brown Labrador dog’s ashes. He was very old and he died not long ago. She really missed him.

After she told us the story, as she was about to leave she came over to give both of us a big hug and say thank you. I nearly cried too. Her daddy will be sending me a photo of her dog to maybe get a Pyrography done of the dog.

A little later she brought a new 10 week old puppy to see us at the booth. They had just picked him up on their way to the Fur Convention. His name is “Blue”.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Photos from the OFMF Convention in Lindsay!

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The Following Photos are of me, The Mayor of Misty Hollow, wearing my Gold Chain of office

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