Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sparky and the Skunk

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Today’s Blog Post
Sparky and the Skunk
In order for you to understand what happened about 6 PM last evening you need to be able to “see” the front of our home.

Last year I built a ramp that helps my mother get into our front entrance better while pushing her walker. As well when any friend comes in wheel, chairs they have access to our home.

This ramp is built over the existing cement stairs and veranda pad. And to make it slope properly and allow easy rolling up and down, it was necessary to allow for some space under the ramp. That space is between the ramp bottom and the cement stairs top. There is about 6 inches of space.

Now down the street from us is the cutest puppy that goes for a walk at least two times a day with his master. The pup’s name is Sparky and he loves my wife Alida. That special bond is made by the fact that Alida always gives Sparky a special “treat’ when he stops by.

In fact when he comes close to our house he stops his progress forward on his walk and turns up our walk way. He then proceeds to the front screen door and looks in for Alida. She stops whatever she is doing and comes for his treat.

Yesterday all was normal. Sparky was out for his walk with his master. They stopped outside our house, came up the driveway, and then up the ramp. But instead of Sparky coming right to the door he stopped dead… went kind of weird and was looking down at the ramp below his feet. In fact he had locked on to something and was not about to leave until he knew more. There is space between the planks that make up the ramp.

Suspecting a possible mouse under the ramp – or maybe even a leaf moving around in the breeze… I stepped forward and asked Sparky to show me. His gaze had not left the ramp and the slots between the planks.

I nearly died when I looked down.

The “mouse” was very big and black with white stripes on it and it was moving restlessly.

Skunk!!! A Skunk had made his way under the ramp and was sleeping until the smell of Sparky woke him up… now it was moving around to find a freedom or get ready to exit.

All three adults and Sparky quickly walked inside our front door. Sparky still wanted to see and maybe engage his new friend under the step.

After Sparky left I found the garden hose and began to water Mr. Skunk under the step. He was not impressed with the bath and began to move.

One thing to note is… the 6 inch space under the ramp will not allow a Skunk Tail to be raised and release his odor stream!

But the minute he came out and waddled away.. his tail went up – HIGH. But HIGH TAILING me with me Jet Blast of water trained on his bottom discouraged his spray and he quickly waddled away.

I can’t believe the reaction my heart gave when he came into sight. The fear that is natural is not something that you can control. Skunks can scare the pants off me… and I am so outta there… as fast as my little old legs could carry me.

Yet I have never been sprayed by a Skunk!

I have had guns held on me, knives threatening me, and received death threats different times in my Ministry. I have had to deal with angry and frightening senior citizens… BUT none of those horrific scenes that once happened… scare me as bad a Mr. Skunk under my steps.

This morning I carefully exited the front door.. took a long sniff of the air… then walked out on the ramp to look down. Not there right now… but I will be watering the ramp to make it nasty under there for the Skunk!

My mom was reflecting on the fact that where he was located – was just below where she sits. She told me she should have no problem… because she is very quiet when she sits there…

I told mom that the Skunk is really quiet too. Oh Boy! I think I need to get some larger jars of Tomato Juice just for my mother…. Yikes what a thought that is! Hosing down a 90 year old in front of my house… may be considered abuse! Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

Apologies to my readers - for the poor quality of the Photos.. my wife's hands were shaking as she shot there photos... on the run away from Mr. Skunk!  Too funny - now.  I had the hose and she had the camera!
 Mr Skunk is just behind the green rain down pipe drain... and heading away...

 But Mr. Skunk turned around and headed towards my wife - at which time she ran away - but shot this rather hurried photo of him coming back again...

 Next he headed out on to the street while shaking the water off.... then doubled back to the neighbor's place right next door! You can see him heading into the garden to hide until it gets dark.

Just a black spec between the garage and the fence

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