Friday, August 5, 2011

Love a Lobster? You gotta be kidding me!

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Today’s Blog Post

Love a Lobster? You gotta be kidding me!

Tolerant is a word that I think describes me well. I also could add curious to the growing description.

This morning as I read one of the News Feeds that I look at from time to time I discovered some Buddhist worshippers performing a yearly ritual. It perked my interest for sure.

There on a boat, off the coast of Massachusetts, they were dropping Lobsters back into the ocean and setting them free. They paid full price for the critters and were then releasing them back to where they came from.

Instead of being boiled alive in a hot pot of water, they were going home… back to the deep Atlantic from whence they came.

The article published by Reuters states… Quote…
“A group of Tibetan Buddhists flanked the sides of a whale-watching boat at dusk on Wednesday, sprayed the lobsters with blessed water, clipped the bands binding their dangerous claws and gently released them one by one into the deep water below.

The 30 Buddhists of all ages trekked to the North Shore beach community known for its massive lobster hauls to purchase 600 pounds of lobster from a seafood wholesaler and save the critters from imminent death.” End quote.

600 pounds of Lobster costs a lot of money. Talk about commitment!

As I sat thinking of this “act of kindness” to a super dumb and ancient critter, I couldn’t help being a little moved by this action.

Christians don’t think the same way. Their acts of kindness stop way short of Lobsters. The place they stop at now a days is maybe opening or holding a door for someone.

We eat the Lobster and the Cow and the Bull and the Chicken and the Pig. After all the folk living near where I live would kind of think you are off your rocker to care that much about a dumb animal? Animals were made to be eaten – right? So we eat them.

Tolerance is a word. Not much more for most people I know. Curious is a word too. But when we don’t understand what we see, “tolerance” will quickly become cruelty and “curious” changes to contempt.

I am not a Buddhist Christian. I am just me. Maybe for no other reasons the story comes my way to make me realize that I can be a whole lot more Tolerant and need to watch the Curious and how far it goes.

So this Sunday, the Christian’s day, I will likely attend church.. watch other people and what they are acting like… then head out to a good ole Swiss Chalet to put down a chicken or two. I might eat a piece of cow later that day as well. And I will wonder at the Buddhist and what he is doing with Lobsters out in the Atlantic.


~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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