Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reporting Your Death – Ooops

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Today’s Blog Post

Reporting Your Death – Ooops
When I caught the headline of Premier Jean Charest(from Quebec) being dead… it was a little shocking to say the least. This leader is in the Quebec Government and many different levels of Canadian society. He has been a good example of balance and future thinking.

Now when Jean Charest heard that he had died he was a little shocked as well. Apparently he was exercising and quickly looked in the mirror to see if the report was true or not. Yep he was alive.

How it happened is still a bit of a mystery from what I read.

Then I started to think about me. What would happen if someone did that to me? Would there be any headlines about that event? Or would it simply show up on the Obits Section of the local Newspaper?

At this point… one good thing about this Blog, people actually email me to see if I am okay… if I don’t publish with the same frequency as usual… every day.

What would happen to you? If you were reported dead today… who would call your spouse or friend to see what happened?

Oddly enough in our busy world not many would call… or even know about it.

Some one I have known for 13 years and that I saw just a few days before in a Mall downtown… happy and healthy that day… suddenly had a stroke and died. I heard about it in the Mall from a complete stranger that was speaking with me about my Tatting at my Tatting Table. If we would not have met that day.. I would not have known.

Another person that I have known for about 12 years died as well. I found out that had happened about three months ago. And that person was often right next door to us.

My world is scattered and spread out way too much. I know people but have no idea where they are of who they are now. I knew them once upon a time… but not now. My Facebook is like that. There are still people on my Facebook, among my 976 friends that are dead. After all no one cane remove them from Facebook because they are the only ones that know the passwords!

I am thinking long and hard about what happened to Jean Charest in Quebec. And wonder about where I am… and what will happen to me.

I think I better make sure that Alida can know where my Passwords are – and what they are… then just for the fun of it she can email my many friends about a month later… from my email account… that I arrived safely… and am waiting for them to arrive shortly.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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