Monday, August 15, 2011

The Happy Story of Honey

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Today’s Blog Post
The Happy Story of Honey
The big white Duck waddled up to my table and quacked. He was right behind the little girl. My first question was, “Where did he come from? I didn’t know Lang Pioneer Village had ducks now?”

As the family stood speaking with me about my Tatting display, we had a great visit. Then they walked away and the duck followed. The duck was following the little girl, very close. Wherever she went, he went, right behind her. When she turned and hugged his neck he stood there.

There just had to be a story with this duck and little girl. And sure enough there is.

The ducks name is “Honey”. The little girls name is “Mia”… and she is “Mama Mia” to the family and the duck. Her mom and dad love ABBA, a musical group from a while back(one of my favorites as well) – and it only made sense to name the duck, “Honey” after one of ABBA’s hit songs, “Honey Honey”.

Honey is 3 months old and Mia is about 4 years old. Honey came into the family when he was 2 hours old. Mia loved it and cared for it over these months. Then Honey imprinted on Mia who had more time for it than anyone else… and wherever Mia goes, Honey goes too!

The Honey story was one of my joys and blessings as I took part in the Textile Days as part of the special “Heritage Celebration Weekend Festival of Textiles” at Lang Pioneer Village again.

But at the demonstration table that I had, “Honey” was only one of the fascinating guests that I met during yesterday’s presentation. There were dozen’s upon dozen’s of fascinating people that came my way… to talk… to listen and take part in my Tatting demo.

It was an amazing day and the connecting with amazing people was tremendous. I absolutely loved everything.

The weekend was the special opening and dedication of the “S.W. Lowry Weaver’s Shop and Jacquard Loom Interpretive Centre” featuring a Car Lock Loom that has become brought to life again and is now a special feature of Lang Village.

On my Tatting Table you can see some of my new tatting designs that were completed and presented at the Lang Village for the very first time.

Please take a close look at my Tatted Tea Pots. These are “rescued tea pots” that would never likely be used again. Some had small chips and maybe were cracked… but all discarded. I love Tea Pots of all different sizes and shapes. Placing new Tatted Lace designs on them… designed just for each one… has made the Tatted Tea Pots come alive. These Tea Pots were a hit of my part of the show!

On the side… Tatting is a dieing art form. The people that knew how or know how are dieing. Very few have found anyone in their family that would want to learn. Worse yet… out of 100 people that pass my demo table… there are likely 99 that wished they would have learned from their grandmother before she had died and took the knowledge with her.

The day with Honey and the other guests was wonderful… not hot… not cold… but just right! Wonderful memories… simply wonderful!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


Photos of Honey

The above photos of Honey... in the Wash Tub... some of the staff found the Tub for Honey... Honey had been walking a lot and they thought its feet might be tired and hot... Honey loved the water...

Tatting Table Display

 My Tatted Victorian Lady

 Above... my Celtic Love Spoons with Tatting Designs added

1 comment:

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Murray I enjoyed reading your blog post very much. I would love to see a bigger picture of the shuttles in your collection that you have on display.
Years ago I went to the UK and Ireland. I wanted to go home to the place where my ancestors came from. When I was in Wales I bought a Love Spoon. There are many symbols in the carving of the spoon. I personally would love to own a spoon that had the Claddagh Symbol. The Claddagh Symbol is the heart, two hands holding the heart and a crown on top of the heart. I have lots of jewelry that has the Claddagh Symbol. If you ever carve a Love Spoon with this symbol in it will have to let me know. I would love to buy it from you.
Don't worry about your post on the lists either. I lurk alot too...I stay out of trouble that way.
Again I have enjoyed your blog post.