Friday, August 12, 2011

Head Coach of the 7 Year Olds

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Today’s Blog Post

Head Coach of the 7 Year Olds
I am not sure how the best way to tell you this short story?

Clifford, our 16 year old grandson, is tall, muscular and very fit. He is a football player – playing the American style football – you know all the pads and helmet – etc.

He loves sports.

This summer he is helping with the coaching of the Kinsmen Football Camp. This is a week long camp that introduces the kids to the wonderful game of football. It also gives the kids something to do out of the house.

The ages of the kids range from 7 years old to 12 year olds and they are divided into two groups – the seniors and the juniors.

Last evening I asked Clifford what is happening at the camp.

He explained that he is now the head coach of one of the teams in the junior group. Most of his kids are 7 years old, little and had hardly ever done anything like this in their life.

Most of their young life has been pretty well controlled by careful parenting, who have loved them, cared for them and dare I say – protected them.

Even though this football camp is not tackle football… but rather flag football, there is still some head to head pushing and shoving.

Each young boy wears a helmet to get the feel of some equipment.

Clifford is getting his first taste of coaching... which is rather funny to listen to.

When we asked how it was going – he explained what has happened.

“During the first of the week I couldn’t get them to stop talking and listen to me!” he expressed with some frustration. “They wouldn’t stop talking! I was never like that!”

Grandma chirped in, “Clifford they are just little boys! You were like that when you were 7 years old.”

Then Clifford went on to explain one situation that he had to face.

After one football play where the two teams lined up facing each other, the ball was snapped and put into play. The two opposing lines rushed toward each other and push, push, pushed! The idea was that one team having the ball tries to move it down the field.. the other team wants to stop them.. thus the pushing and shoving.

Clifford told us that after the play was over one little 7 year old came over to Clifford with tears welling up in his eyes… and just about to cry. Clifford listened closely to the little guys trembling words… “He pushed me…” said the little tyke… pointing to another little player.

I don’t think that Clifford quite knew what to do. Football players don’t cry. Should he say, “Suck it up Princess and play ball!” or put his arm around the little tyke and getting him going again.

Clifford chose the second one but insisted to us that he was never like that when he was little!

This afternoon two teams of little guys will square off with each other for the championship of this week’s football camp.

I am a little proud with my big, tall, handsome, and healthy grandson – now Head Coach of the littlest football club in the world. He is coaching his very first game! Wow!

I sure hope that none of the little guys get hurt. There will be overly concerned moms and dads watching from the sidelines.

What I do know is that my grandson has grown up. He is not a little tyke anymore. That was way back there – Nine Years ago!!! WOW!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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