Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dr. Arya Sharma said that Fat People are healthy

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Today’s Blog Post

Dr. Arya Sharma said that Fat People are healthy – at least that is what I think what was said
Now I love this Doctor’s advice! I can live with what has been said!

Dr. Arya Sharma stated that… quote…
“A lot of times even morbidly obese people are in pretty good shape, even if they don’t look it, he says. “They eat healthily. They’re physically fit. They feel good about themselves. They don’t have high blood pressure. They don’t have high cholesterol levels. They don’t have diabetes. They have none of those health problems and so the question is: Why would you treat these people? Why don’t you ask them to just stay as healthy as they are?” End quote.

I am fitting into this category more and more!

My clothes are bigger than they were before.. but saved some skinny clothes – just in case I can lose some more weight. That last two inches around my middle will make it possible to have more pants to wear… and shirts to fit.

Now you just may be a on the little large size. Lots of us are. But if you can still do stuff… like walk or even run without puffing too much… aren’t you healthy?

I mean I don’t puff when I go into the Donut Shop after walking across the parking lot. Do you?

There has been a pretty heavy guilt trip placed on over weight people… like me. I feel it. They hurt my feelings sometimes. But a good Donut helps to make me feel better.

It was like when I was young… and fell down… mom would give me one of her homemade donuts to help the booboo feel better… Her donuts were a lot like the Old Fashioned Plain… or the Old Fashioned Plain rolled in sugar. Mmm, MMM! Good stuff.

I need a donut!

The Doctor’s quote was in an article that Kevin Libin wrote in the National Post. And after reading it I feel much better!

I need to go to the Donut Shop to celebrate this morning! I feel good… and when I felt good my Mom would give us a Treat… usually one of those great Old Fashioned Plain with sugar on it!

Or when we were coming into the house just after the ball game was over… the smell of hot oil in the deep fryer permeated the kitchen and most of the house… and she had deep fried the Holes as well as the Donuts… and they were so good.

Mmmm MMMM MM! I need a donut… and some new sweat pants. The belts are all shrinking and the silly pants are just too small!

I am thinking about cutting back a little… one visit to the Donut Shop every few days. That is part of my new plan at this point. And if I do go to the Shop I will ride my bike… that way it kind of counter acts the stuff that is in the donut that isn’t always good for me.

Have you tried Tim Horton’s Pecan Maple Danish? It is too die for! Mmmm MMM MMM MMMM!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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