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Today’s Blog Post

So this email arrived on Monday morning when I was able to get online again. Here is the text…
I 'm sure you are okay. Apology for contacting you in this manner.
Sorry I didn't inform you about my trip to Spain. It was an urgent
seminar trip. I'm stranded and in serious mess here in Valencia,
Spain. It is not easy to be stranded abroad. I was attacked on my way
to the hotel I lodged, Though I wasn't hurt because I complied
immediately to their demand, but my mobile phone and luggage were
stolen. My Credit Cards and some other vital documents were inside my luggage. I have contacted my credit card company to blocked all my cards. I have also been to the embassy to report the case. The embassy promised to take the necessary measures between now and 30days. I am sending you this e-mail from the city Library (and I only have 15mins in every 2hours to access my email from here), Aside these, I need to sort out some vital issues including my bills.

I need your financial assistance urgently. I would like you to assist
me with €2,600 Euro ($3,700 USD). I promise to refund you with upon my arrival back home. If you can't be able to send me the whole amount.

Please, send any amount you can afford. I am in urgent need of Money
to sort out some important things including the hotel bills.

I await your reply immediately so I can email you the needful details
to send the money.

Dana Lindsay

End quote…

Well it was a little disconcerting to get that email at 7:30 AM in the morning. How she was able to get from her house in Peterborough, Ontario to the Toronto International Airport then catch the flight to Spain – and be robbed all in the same short period of time… was beyond me!

I had just spoken with her at 8 PM the night before. She and her husband Bruce along with Emma had just returned from Emma’s last soccer game. I had just arrived home with their son Clifford, who had been with us for the weekend.

She looked like she was going to bed… not Spain!

Her email account was hacked into. By a devious way she had received an email that looked very much like her email company asking her to verify her account… by giving all her information including her Pass Word etc.

Shortly after receiving this email I received another note from Dana that her Email and Facebook accounts had been both taken over by some idiot. She cannot get into either account… until the companies verify that she is who she says she is and that something has happened.

Their account was infected by an idiot… actually take control of… their whole history is in his hands.

STIs and STDs…
This morning there is also a story of STIs and STDs from Vancouver. In that area when the person is found to have a STI (sexually transmitted disease) an email is sent out to their sexual partners. The partners opening their email get an electronic greeting card announcing that they should get tested.

PAMELA FAYERMAN reports in the Vancouver Sun… quote…
“It's not an online greeting card you want to see in your inbox. That is, until, you realize the implications.

The electronic "greeting" cards are for people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) who wish to notify their sex partners that they should get tested.

The cards, which can be sent anonymously to up to six partners at a time, direct recipients to a link telling them where they can get tested and treated.

The ecard service, called inSPOT (Internet notification service for partners or tricks) has just been launched by the BC Centre for Disease Control.”
End quote

How appropriate Dana’s email was infected by an idiot and other people’s parts are infected by other idiots.

Along time ago… in Saskatchewan…
When Alida and I were about to be married in September 1967 it was necessary for both of us to undergo tests to see if we had STI or STD at that time. It was a requirement that you had to fulfill before you were able to purchase your marriage license.

Can you imagine in 2011, walking into the marriage license issuer and being asked to see the doctor’s report if either of you had VD which could include Gonorrhea or Syphilis?

But that was the law at that time. To get married you needed to be tested first.

Now I link Email… the Vancouver testing and my personal life in 1967… they all fit together.

Many of us wondered at the emails our programs received from Dana on Monday Morning… could we “catch” something from whoever was sending that out? The answer is “NO” but you could get sucked in to send the idiot $3700 USD to help Dana!

Last night Dana was frustrated to the max! I began to help her by flooding the idiot that absconded her email account.

I formed an email account entitled “hereis.thewarning”. From that email account I began flooding Dana’s old email account with new emails that would be huge and confusing to the person that had done the deed. Reading the email Dana’s captor had sent told you simply that their use of English was a struggle.

Last night they received emails from “hereis.thewarning” that would stagger most people. In fact some of them were so long that it took my high speed connection a minute or more to send.

What kind of messages?

Well this morning they are sorting through reams of quotations from The Koran… and the Bible… both in Arabic and English… and a few really odd language from South America and one from Bulgaria… and a few other countries that are impossible for anyone from the idiots country to read. In fact when he awoke about 8 hours ago and started looking through all the emails – I am imagining that he is a little stunned by what he is looking through now.

The possibility that the idiot is Islamic is fairly high. In what I have found to date, the groups doing this are front people to fund Islamic Terrorists. When I checked with the Police earlier they suggested that in their findings there are groups in Africa that do just what we have happened here.

I am keeping the “hereis.thewarning” account for other spammers and stupid idiots and hackers. I am committed to flood their stupidity with some even stupider emails. They are about to read a lot of Bible in odd languages.

Have you read Revelation 13:1-4 in Cakchiquel Occidental? It looks like this…
Caˈiˈ itzel tak chicop
1 Y riyin ri Juan nnaˈ cˈa chi xipaˈeˈ pa ruwiˈ ri sanayiˈ ri cˈo chuchiˈ ri mar, y xintzˈet cˈa chi chupan ri yaˈ xbeˈel pe jun itzel chicop. Y ri chicop riˈ cˈo cˈa wukuˈ rujolon (ruwiˈ) y lajuj rucˈaˈ. Y pa quiwiˈ ri lajuj rucˈaˈ ri chicop riˈ, cˈo cˈa jojun corona. Y pa quiwiˈ jojun rujolon (ruwiˈ) ye tzˈibatal cˈa jojun biˈaj. Y riqˈui cˈa ri biˈaj riˈ nuyokˈ rubiˈ ri Dios. 2 Ri chicop ri xintzˈet, achiˈel cˈa nitzuˈun jun balam. Xa yacˈa ri raken ye achiˈel raken ri chicop ri nibix oso chare. Y ri pa ruchiˈ, achiˈel pa ruchiˈ coj. Xpe cˈa ri itzel dragón ri quek rij xuyaˈ cˈa ruchukˈaˈ y rukˈatbel tzij pa rukˈaˈ ri chicop riˈ. 3 Y ri chicop ri cˈo wukuˈ rujolon (ruwiˈ), xintzˈet cˈa chi jun chique ri rujolon (ruwiˈ) xucˈulwachij jun socotajic ri can riche (rixin) chi nicom. Pero xa ma xcom ta, y rumariˈ ri winek ri yecˈo chuwech ri ruwachˈulef, can xel quicˈuˈx tek xquitzˈet chi xa xcˈachoj y rumariˈ can xquitzekelbej. 4 Y ri winek riˈ can xquiyaˈ cˈa rukˈij ri itzel dragón ri xyaˈo kˈatbel tzij chare ri chicop. Y xquiyaˈ chukaˈ rukˈij ri chicop, y tek niquiyaˈ rukˈij, niquibilaˈ cˈa: ¿La cˈo ta cami jun ri junan riqˈui re chicop reˈ? ¿Y la cˈo ta cami jun ri xtichˈacon chrij? Majun, yechaˈ.

Or Leviticus1 in Bulgarian?
Левит 1
1 И Господ повика Моисея, и като му говореше от шатъра за срещане каза:
2 Говори на израилтяните, казвайки им: Когато някой от вас принесе принос Господу, от добитъка нека принесе, от чердата или от стадата.
3 Ако приносът му за всеизгаряне е от чердата, нека принесе мъжко без недостатък; да го принесе пред входа на шатъра за срещане, за да бъде прието от Господа.
4 Да положи ръката си на главата на <животното за> всеизгаряне, и ще бъде прието за него, за да извърши умилостивение за него.
5 После да заколи телето пред Господа; и свещениците, Аароновите синове, да принесат кръвта и да поръсят с кръвта наоколо върху олтара, който е пред входа на шатъра за срещане.
6 И да одере <животното> за всеизгаряне и да го насече на късове.
7 А синовете на свещеника Аарона да турят огън на олтара и да наредят дърва на огъня.
8 И свещениците, Аароновите синове, да сложат тия късове, главата и тлъстината, на дървата, които са върху огъня на олтара;
9 а вътрешностите му и нозете му да измие с вода, и свещеникът да изгори всичките на олтара, като всеизгаряне, жертва чрез огън, благоуханна Господу.
10 Ако пък приносът му за всеизгаряне е от стадата, от овците или от козите, нека принесе мъжко без недостатък.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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