Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be a Prong Horn and get out of there!

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Today’s Blog Post

Be a Prong Horn and get out of there!

Have you ever had to deal with some one that can do No Wrong? Have you had someone in your life where whatever you say or do… is going to be wrong?

I am afraid that I have. And I know some others have as well.

Recently I conducted a funeral for someone I have known for 13 years. This person’s spouse passed away a few years back. She also lost her daughter a few years back as well. There are two adult kids left. One is dominant and the other is not strong enough to stand up for what he should.

The funeral was over and the people had returned to the mom’s house for the luncheon that was offered by the family.

It happened right in front of me. The internal family explosion took place. It had been suspected in my case, but I couldn’t put my finger on the cause or reason for what I saw take place at other times. Now right in front of me the explosion took place.


The one sibling verbally attacked the other in front of everyone. “Sniping” would be a good word that could describe what was said. You know – like the guy with the rifle does. He is a good shot and he aims carefully, waiting for just the right moment… then Bam!

Remember they are the only two left in the immediate family. One was now showing her dominance and it became very clear what was taking place. Emotions that had been pent up over these past few days, were now beginning to show – Kerpow.

I have watched it happen in other ways as well.

In business meetings it has taken place. The sniper waits for the perfect opportunity to take out the one person that agitates by what she or he says. Bam!

In fact as I think about what takes place with this kind of thing… I shudder.

I think everyone I know has been subject to this happening at one time or another.

“Warning, what you are about to read may not be suitable for children to view”
Yesterday on a Saturday Morning TV show in our area, the hunters were stalking Long Prong Antelope in southern Alberta. The above warning was read and shown on the screen before the program started.

The animals were just coming around for their morning walk and stretching their little legs for another day’s journey with their families together. They had had a wonderful night of bedding down in that wide open space.

The TV cameras were being held now by camera men that were crawling on their stomachs behind the hunters. The hunters were down low, almost on their bellies, carrying their large guns with care.

They were stalking their prey, which was the Big Daddy of the herd. Just because of his horn size he was about to be shot dead. He was about to become a trophy that other people back in Ontario could “oooh” and “aaah” about, when they saw his head mounted on the wall of the hunter’s office. That was what the hunter was intent.

The suspense was growing as the camera man caught the main hunter, the guy that the TV program is all about, shoulder his gun. He peeped through the site and then held still.

The camera shifted from the hunter to the distant Long Horn Antelope… all perhaps 100 pounds of the Daddy Antelope.

Suspense had built to almost a fever pitch in that open area. Then Kerbam! The large rifle let go a spew of fire and launched the bullet at dazzling speed towards the unsuspecting Big Daddy.

The animal didn’t fall. There was a puff of dust just behind the animal, which then lifted its head and walked a few more yards forward, taking another bite of grass.

The hunter quickly pulled back his rifle bolt and then shoved another bullet into the chamber for the second shot… aimed again and Kerbam… missed again.

The camera man was good. He caught the larger puff of dust on the ground quite a bit behind the Antelope… which was now running as hard as he could. The second bullet and the report from the gun had made a louder noise… and maybe the light breeze had dropped enough to let the sound travel to the Antelope’s ears… and he was out of there, running as hard as he could for safety. He was very much still alive.

The next thing the camera man did was pan over to the main hunter and catch a priceless shot. The hunter had thrown his hat off on the ground. His rifle was laying beside him on the grass and he was on his stomach beating the ground with his fists, in a rage. He as saying over and over again, “I can’t believe I missed it! Twice in a row! I can’t believe that happened!”

I smiled. The Big Horn still had his head and Long Prongs for another day.

The stalker had lost his prey. He had missed this time.

Moral of this story… if you are the Antelope… and you hear the big, bad sound – run the other way. Get out of there! NOW!

In life… when you are being shot at by Snipers in business meetings, at funerals and in any other situation – hear the big, bad sound and get out of there. You don’t need to be there. You need to get your Butt out of there – now!

A week ago on one eGroup that I belong to, I stated that “Tatting was a dieing art”. One person kind of lashed out and let it fly. They didn’t like my words. They chastised me in ways that were not so nice… made me uncomfortable and made other people embarrassed as well. I ducked and ran away from the Big, Bad sound. I felt better because of it… and I am still alive and well.

I can’t figure why people do this kind of thing. The kill must be what energizes them to snipe, to wait in suspense for just that right moment.

The neat part about eGroups, you can shut them off, and then not participate. And you can delete, delete, delete.

As the TV camera man caught the last sight of the Big Daddy Prong Horn he was full speed as he ran from the danger. And right behind him was his family.

I know that feeling. You need to be along way from here – now run for all you are worth!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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