Friday, August 27, 2010

The Youniverse and Gen Me

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Today’s Blog Post

The Youniverse and Gen Me

“We live in a day when what sells best in the Christian world are books, sermons, and television programs that are aimed directly at you-- This Is Your Day, You Are The Reason for the Season, Become A Better You, It's Your Time, The Me I Want To Be, The Life You've Always Wanted, and similar titles orbiting around the Youniverse.” ~ Kevin Rogers

My friend Kevin pretty well wrapped up what is happening around me. The universe that I have known has now become the Youniverse – it is all about YOU. And YOU must be happy, comfortable and not hurting in any way. You must discover ones self and what you discover better be good… if it isn’t… make sure you do whatever you must to be happy!

Hokey Mokey – can you believe that?!?

This is easy to understand… The “Me Generation” has produced its offspring and then that generation has produced its off spring. And that new Generation is now loosely entitled the “Gen Me”

The other name for Me Generation is “Baby Boomers”.

If you look at their interests and the way that they need to have most everything revolving around them – the term “Gen Me” is very accurate. And another term for “Gen Me” is “Grandchildren of the “Me Generation”

How could this ever happen? An entire generation that is pretty much focused on themselves…? Oh they do focus on others if they can be there in the middle of the situation. If they can’t be front and center they are not there.

Now they don’t really like being up front – they just want the experience. If they can go on a Mission they will be interested… if they can’t participate they are gone.

Their connection with all things immediate are primary. Faster and better Media, better connectivity and definitely anything that let them “talk” to each other instantly is the best thing ever!

That is why one of the things that is so important right now is Texting. But that is only right now in 2010. When 2011 and beyond arrives there will be something far more connected than stupid thumb actions on a teeny tiny keyboard. Texting is not the main thing… being right their with your friends… but being in the middle of the group and the center of the group is far more important than just talking… having everyone know you is the BEST EVER!

My grandson Clifford just wrapped up a baseball season. The team he played on was a collection of teens a bit older than he was. They all thought they were hot stuff. They could almost do it well… but for the most part they all were a little short of the best. It frustrated me almost as much as it did Clifford.

It seemed a perfect example of a collection of Me Gens doing Me stuff… all about Me… and the Team loses. The last game was specially that way.

When Clifford’s dad suggested a few changes in what Clifford could do… which would likely help… Clifford’s response was perfect. “Dad I couldn’t do that because it would mean me trusting the others to do the work… and I can’t trust them.”

Clifford was pitching. Pitching a certain way would allow the other team to hit. The hit would most certainly go to a place on the field where the outfielders would potentially make a great play by catching the ball. But Clifford couldn’t count on them to do it.

Were they poor players? Nope each one could do something… but they didn’t. Their focus was more on their image… on their inner self… not their outer action. One player stood with his arms folded, baseball mitt under the arms, and legs crossed casually… and in one situation he was sitting down crossed legged on the field. This was not at break time, this was when a batter was about to hit the ball his way!

This character was a star in his mind. When the umpire through him out of the game for a bad attitude he simply walked over to the stands and was surrounded by his three well painted, 14 year old, bimbo type, girl friends who fussed over him completely.

What a thing to watch! Clifford was frustrated and Grandpa wanted to kick butt. Sheesh!

Now when the majority of the Team members are focused mainly on what they look like and worried more about themselves being the center of everything… not much can happen as a Team.

Put that into a family and watch out. The Gen Me will pretty much run Me Gen and their kids in all that they do.

In our area a thriving new business is a Birthday Party place. In fact now we have two with a third one coming. They specialize in adventure Birthday Parties for kids with themes of all sorts… plus offer Goody Bags for each attendee. I heard that the Goody Bags cost between $10 and up to $80 each. Now have 20 kids come to your party and mom and dad will fork out a chunk of change!

In really old days, the person having the Birthday received the gifts!

I’m sorry – but I seemed to have missed something big here. Stuff happened and people changed. It really is all about ME!

But no one will listen to ME… because it is all about them!


~ Murray Lincoln ~


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