Monday, August 23, 2010

Go For It GOD!

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Today’s Blog Post

Go For It GOD!

How can some people’s thinking be so mixed up? It seems like a huge number of folk that I am aware of have made some really bad choices… and they justify it by simply saying it is right for them.

The World I live in seems to be upside down at this moment… really messed up. WHY?

The louder I scream WHY the less sense that it makes.

But then Why shouldn’t my world be affected by the weird stuff too?

Along time ago I was given a simple saying… “The world I live in is like the Granola Cereal, take out the fruits and nuts and there are only a few flakes left.”

Now the connotations of the words are not exactly nice, in that they have many other possible meanings… but it does describe the feelings that I have when watching good people make bad decisions. And at this moment I don’t need to watch TV to see action. Hokey Mokey!

What can a person do? The answer is simple I guess… nothing.

I am reminded again that I am not God. Thankfully that is so very true. If I was I would be zapping some sanity back into some folk’s lives before they hurt everyone in their little world.

I know that all my readers/followers are not strong faith people… and may not be Bible Readers… but I point to that book anyways.

The Bible is filled with great accounts of stupid people that had to do it all the hard way… before they finally got a clue and woke up.

I get my solace there… God cares enough to make dumb people listen… or enough to wait until they can hear. I wouldn’t – He does.

That is Grace in its fullest. And His main mission today is to apply that Grace a little thicker in areas that need a whole lot more. Go for it God! I will step back and hold my breath… while you do the rest.

PS – God there is one or two idiots right now that are called my fellow human beings… and they need a little more zapping right now… oh sorry God… I need to get out of the way!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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