Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Danger, Danger – Grandpa Needs Help

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Today’s Blog Post

Danger, Danger – Grandpa Needs Help
The husky, teenage voice stated the obvious, “Grandpa I think we should tie the rope around the tree like the last time… or else it will swing down and knock you off the ladder!”
Good advice from my 15 year old grandson. He was standing at the base of the ladder that I was one… holding it secure so that Old Guy wouldn’t fall off.

His sister had the sheet of paper that Grandma had written out to call 911 in case Grandpa did fall off the ladder or out of the tree.

As I held the chain saw and cut piece after piece off the large tree limbs I thought back to my first adventure of having Clifford help me do something.

We had travelled from Saskatchewan and were staying at our kid’s home in Scarborough. The windows of the Condo were dirty and I had time to help. With a bucket of water, soap, and some rags I got to work.

As I wiped the water from the window I felt a small hand on my ankle just above my shoe. It was pulling as hard as it could to lift the body attached to it. Clifford was maybe two years old. He pulled himself up with another rag in his hand and began polishing the big glass of the patio doors.
Snap – went the camera and the scene was captured for ever. Enjoy.
Yesterday we took down another two sections of the large tree. Perhaps more will come down this week.

As a Grandpa I kind of swell up with pride. All the grand kids love to help. They are excellent workers.

Next week or so three more will be here to help us do more stuff.

What a joy to have this blessing now. I am old enough to need it and young enough to enjoy it.

Clifford and Emma both held the rope so the large limb wouldn’t take grandpa off the ladder. Swish it swung free and they lowered the branch to the ground.

I am blessed!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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