Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ultimate Family Feud - UFF

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Today’s Blog Post

The Ultimate Family Feud - UFF
Over the years I have watched some strange feuds.

Some happen at the Funeral Chapel as mom(or dad) is being prepared for her final resting place. While the funeral directors are preparing her remains the kids begin to fight over what remains.

The really guilty children that caused her all the stress will demand that they have the Best Casket Possible. Others that have been faithful to the parent want to not spend all the money at one shot. “Mom deserves the best” vs “We deserve the best… and we want that money!”

Oh there are all kinds of fights at funerals. Believe me!!

But the very best one that I have been following is the Classic Family Feud where Shirley Anderson is suing her kids, Brian, Donna, Keith and Ken for monthly support. I believe she wants them to each give her $750 per month – because she is their mother… and an archaic BC Law states that the children must look after an elderly Senior – especially in their family.

The complication from what I understand is that Shirley abandoned her kids when they were young. She ran away and they were raised entirely away from their Mom. In fact I am not sure that they even know their Mom… or rather this lady that makes these demands.

It is in adjournment at this time. No one is sure what could happen if this lady was to win this case – forcing her kids to pay up.

I started to think about this and realized that with two daughters I should be pulling in another $1500 each month. I think this idea has some merit.

Now adding to this thought we have fed their families a lot of meals over these years. There should be a consumption amount added to the $1500 and let’s round it off at $2500 per month.

I could live a lot better on that!

And a second thought is – we should not have stopped at Two Girls… we should have had the 12 that I wanted in the first place! That would have made it much better bringing in a about $9000 per month! I definitely could have lived on that much!

Now my mom is living with us. She shares in our expenses. I don’t think she will think of suing us… at least I hope not!

If you think of this new legal problem and the possible problems for others around us… the landscape of family could well be changing – big time!

How does it affect you? What would you do with this information? Who will you sue? Or who will sue you?

Monday morning musings are plain silly.

Gotta run with some more wood for a friend.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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