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Journey to the Barnum House – Grafton, Ontario

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Today’s Blog Post
Journey to the Barnum House – Grafton, Ontario

Background for this special day…
Along time ago, as a boy, my excitement level would rise each day before we went on vacation. My dad had promised that we were leaving the city to travel somewhere. It was the family holiday where we would pack everything into the old car and head out somewhere new.

Today – the boy inside me has that heightened excitement again… WOW! I am off to Grafton, Ontario soon.

Long ago in Regina, Saskatchewan – for years we simply stayed home. Because dad had to work all the time – we didn’t go anywhere. Six Day work weeks were the norm for almost every man in the community. Sunday was free and you went to church – lots of church in fact… twice a day… and if you counted Sunday School that was three times for our family.

The family vacation was almost always out of the Province when we started traveling. I think my dad loved the adventure and did everything in his power to get us to new places.

I know I caught that feeling way back then and have continued with it ever since.

The other thing that I caught from my dad was the great fun and excitement of meeting new people. The engaging in conversation, listening to the stories and the facts from the new locals that we met – wherever we were stopped on the vacation, was the highlight for dad and me. I stood beside my dad as he talked to so many people. He loved it and I loved listening.

That “engaging people” with ideas and with stories, listening to their stories and telling mine is one of the greatest highs I can hit. I love people! And I love new people – wherever I meet them.

Barnum House is located not far from Grafton, Ontario and not far from Cobourg, Ontario. It is on the north side of the old Highway that ran parallel to the Lake Ontario.

The historical information I draw from the posting on Wikipedia..
The Barnum House was built between 1817 and 1819 by Eliakim Barnum, a United Empire Loyalist originally from Vermont. The house, which stands just outside of Grafton, Ontario, is the earliest example of Neoclassical architecture in Canada. Barnum House was the first house museum to open in Ontario, restored and operated by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. It is currently owned and operated by the Ontario Heritage Trust.
End quote.

Last summer we stopped in to visit this old house. The moment that you stepped through the door you stepped back into time – almost 200 years. The stillness and stately of the former elegance is still there. The impression is that the owner is there somewhere and will walk into the room you are standing in – at any minute.

Could it be the Ghost of Eliakim Barnum?

When we at the House that first day we sat under the beautiful old shade trees and enjoyed the stillness… imaging that we were away back in time.

While we were there I met Katharine Litt, University Student and Staffer at the House. She served us Tea that magical day.

Over this past year a series of emails and more conversation has arranged for this Special Day of demonstration by Murray Lincoln, Tatter, Spring Pole Lathe operator, Wood Carver and story teller.

The excitement has grown over these past months, and then weeks and now hours… I can’t wait to get there! I am going to meet many new people, share my own stories and answers to hundreds of questions that will be asked of the guests that stop by the Barnum House.

With all that I have I will take the folk back to 200 years ago. They will not be the same after visiting the Barnum House today. It will be magical in every way.

Do I sound like I am excited? Oh boy…

“Slow down Murray… we have get the car packed… now get in… we will be there soon” dad said. Then dad would make sure that we were all in, start the car and the old vehicle would shift form side to side as we headed out of town…

I am back there again… and excited all over. How could any retired minister ever be bored? How could any one that loves people not nearly go crazy with excitement facing an adventure like this?

Gotta run… get all my Tatting together to do the Demonstration today. Gotta get the Bobbin Lace Pillows packed up as well with all of the Honiton and Torchon Bobbins to display. And then I have to get the Sprinng Pole Lathe loaded inside if possible. The 12 foot long Spring Poles have to go on top… the Lathe tools inside…

HEY… I just had an idea… if you are free today… are in the Peterborough area… and wouldn’t mind a short trip… why not drop by… we will have a chat… and you will love what you will see!

When… it all starts at 1 PM and then finishes at 4 PM. Hope to see you there!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Barnum House
Barnum House on Wkipedia
Ontario Heritage Trust

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