Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hokey Mokey – how much can a Husband, Father, Son take!

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Today’s Blog Post

Hokey Mokey – how much can a Husband, Father, Son take!

So the words in the email this morning read… “Don't worry I will bring her home safe and sound. LOL! Love Dana :)”

That was my daughter assuring me that they will escape Nova Scotia before Hurricane Earl hits the province on Friday of this week.

I had sent the link to the weather report and warning that was on the net yesterday. (Shown below to be seen this week… but may not be there in months to come – old news)

Now I am concerned for my family.. YES! But Dana picked up on the other part of my concern.

I am the sole caregiver right now for my MOTHER! She is 89 and much slower than long… long ago. She needs more care than I can give – alone. My wife is basically her 24 hours a day caregiver… and I assist.

From last Thursday on when my wife left for the Maritimes I became the two of us for Mom. Hokey Mokey was a predicament.

I am now doing what two people normally have to do for MOM! I am moving much faster and MOM seems to be moving much slower. I guess with Alida’s help I never really clued in to how slow she goes… in that I escape to the garage.

And the stuff I have to do is not something a grown man knows about!

I AM NOT A HAIR DRESSER… HAIR STYLIST… or any of that baloney! I am lucky that I get my own hair combed – let alone worry about the MOM hair days!

So it has been a few days… since Alida… did MOM’s hair. And it was starting to show. So I thought to myself… Mom needs her hair washed… she can’t do that herself any longer so I will help. I had watched Alida do this and reasoned I could do it too.

Yikes! Over the kitchen sink, head down and trusting me… Mom had her towel over her eyes so she wouldn’t get soap in them.

I thought I was doing a good job until she bellered, “I am getting it up my nose!” Sheesh I was just rinsing it… not drowning her! But I can hear the story now….!

I got the mousse on and she dried off… looks a little bit like a wet puppy after a bath. And after the mousse dried… YIKES.

My asked, “Do you think I should wear a cap?”

“Naw, no one will be looking at you, let’s go!” I replied.

I have 4 days left before, the hair dresser/stylist, chief cook and bottle washer, laundry manager, and the Wonder Woman of all time comes home.

Alida I love you! Dana – GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE the HURRICANE HITS… or I will cut you out of my WILL!

Hokey Mokey – how much can a Husband, Father, Son take!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the bit about cutting me out of the will isn't much of an incentive!!!!!!

Got anything better to bribe me with!

Love Dana