Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tatted Lace, Music and Love all go together so good!

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Today’s Blog Post
Tatted Lace, Music and Love all go together so good!
What a powerful day it was! Most of what happened involved Falsh Backs to some old days of long ago… a way back to 1974! That is 36 years ago! WOW!

From Lace Making to Music and everything in between. I lived it all in 12 hours – 10 AM to 10 PM – and loved every minute of it. That was my Wednesday, August 4, 2010.

Since June 2010 I have been situating myself in the downtown Mall – the Peterborough Square – lower level in front of the Crop Circles Shop. For those reading this out of Canada, it is Peterborough Square in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. (I had emails from other countries yesterday to see where this was.)

I began Tatting in about 1977 after meeting with my Great Aunt in a Des Moins, Iowa Senior’s Home. She was Tatting and found it funny that I didn’t know what it was that she was doing in that, “Your Grandmother used to be one of the best Tatters in these parts…” she stated flatly. I asked her if I could try… and she nearly fell off the bed laughing. “You will need more than a few minutes to catch on to how to Tat!”

After leaving her that day I bought a shuttle, some cotton and a small book. On the way home to Canada on the aircraft, I taught myself how to Tat.

My Great Aunt had the wooden shuttle that my Great Grandfather Benjamin Franklin Phillips had carved for her. He had carved one for each of his three daughters and taught them how to Tat.

Each Wednesday I tell that story over and over again… and then show how easy Tatting is to do. So far I have been fairly successful in recruiting new Tatters. “Tell them and they will come!” – kind of like “Build it and they will come!”

To date I have taught hundreds of people how to Tat – all over the world. It has been a joy to say the least.

But you may have noticed that my day ended at 10 PM??

Yesterday continued…
In the evening we attended the “Night Fever and ABBAMania” show at the Little Lake Music Festival. Talk about amazing flash backs! This was the music playing as I learned to Tat so long ago. It was amazing to be whisked back to the last Century and enjoy so deeply the music of the last Century.

I have been in a Time Machine yesterday and loved the trip.

Last night was simply fun. All around me was other ancient people of that last century – loving the music too.

As we came into the park to settle our lawn chairs, there was a fat little lady… a granny I am sure… grey hair… the kind of person that every grandkids loves. I watched her closely… she knew every song that the Night Fever group was singing… all the Old Bee Gee’s stuff – this woman knew it. Every word! I think she may have been crying too.

This granny was my age.

When the folk started waving their hands in the air to the music… I had tears welling up in both eyes… and couldn’t sing any longer. This was my moment… cough, cough…. What a rush for the old geezer in me!

It was my 2010 – ‘Woodstock Happening’ all over again. I was young all over.

Both Alida (my wife) and me got up slowly from the chairs after that 2 hour concert… and grinned at each other! We were young again… but slower.

I looked at her and said… “Remember when we used to date… and I had to get you home before the time your mom said… Well tonight I wonder if we could just go home to bed together…” and I grinned. We giggled together.

Lace, Music and Love all go together so good!

Not sure my Great Grandpa could make those connections… oh boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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