Thursday, August 19, 2010

What we need is a little POT in Church

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Today’s Blog Post
What we need is a little POT in Church
This story is just too good to pass up. It is just too funny and the possibilities are wonderful for a Blogger from Ontario – far away from the danger and implications of – whatever.

In BC – the most western Province of Canada – there are many people that grow Marijuana. It is kind of a cultural thing and also maybe because it is a lucrative crop. With it being illegal to do so, it also is more fun to grow.

That being said, the most recent Maryjane bust took place in a small community named Christina Lake, BC. When Police arrived to dismantle the operation of 2300 plants of Marijuana they found 13 rather docile Black Bears guarding the operation.

Apparently from what The Canadian Press report states, these Bears had been fed cans of Dog Food to keep them around. The Bears were very familiar with human beings and were not aggressive in any way… almost like 13 pets from the sound of it all.

I am not totally sure of all the affects of Marijuana but I am assuming that the basic contents in the plant could be potent to some extent without smoking.

Now simple logic tells me that Bears eating nothing but Dog Food would need some basic roughage… and MJ could provide just the right amount to get the Dog Food down.

I don’t know for sure of my assumption, but could it be that the Bears are hooked on the stuff just like the folk that grow it?

Now the Canadian Press didn’t suggest it, BUT most people I know that smoke POT are quiet, gentle beings that smile a lot. They are not aggressive drunks that try to drive home and kill someone. They hang around the POT to smoke more.

As I read the story and listen to the news account of the Bears guarding the POT… these old guys weren’t about to hurt anyone… they were HAPPY BEARS!

Now where do I go with this?

As a minister is churches for 35 years I have encountered some ornery folk… just a few mind you. They were hard to deal with at times. In fact when drawing comparisons they could well be like an Old Black Bear that was nudged awake too early… and you couldn’t trust them. They might just take a chunk out of you when you least expected it!

Please re-read that paragraph and note the word “some”… that means not many… just a few… but enough to make life “interesting”. When dear Sister So and So declared her displeasure – watch out! When she thought more hymns should be played and less of that young stuff… you better listen up!!!

Now if somehow the church could start getting folk to think of grinning down a little… you know like bearing down… like cooling down… maybe things would be easier for Sister So and So and others like her.

Maybe if we could introduce POT to our services it would be easier. You know like the Catholics do as their Priests walk down the aisle with his small incense censor wagging the smoke on everyone…

Good Lord in heaven a Pentecostal minister has suggested POT use in church!!!????!!!

Well – I don’t know – it seems to work on all my POT smoking friends… makes them happy most of the time. It seems to work on the Bears… they were pretty passive when the cops arrived… Maybe…?

Now I know that Pentecostals are proud that they don’t smoke (at least they don’t show that stuff when the Preacher comes around..) and they are proud of it.

BUT maybe if small amounts could be introduced by way of the Air Conditioner Vents… Dear Sister So and So and Brother grumpy would smile more….

AND the possibility of increasing the attendance at church that was happy… is phenomenal!

I bet that would hit the air waves across Canada and The Canadian Press would be there in a heart beat.

Okay, Okay… I will back off this idea. It is grabbing at straws and trying to do something rather stupid. You aint going to change Sister So and So… and Brother Grumpy won’t take his Exlax. Sheesh!

But happy and docile Bears gave me the idea. It is a complete personality change.

God has been trying for years to get these Old Folks to smile… maybe POT would work better…?

Sorry… Oh boy! Come smile – it doesn’t hurt at all!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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David Grant said...

Apostle Constantine was a really smart cookie when he herded up all the Christians into buildings in the 4th century. The church that Jesus was building (without buildings) has never been the same since.