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Abousfian Abdelrazik - Struggling to Get My Head Around This One

(Abousfian Abdelrazik pictured above)

I am trying to get my head around this. 113 people in Canada are now at risk of being jailed because they have stepped up to help a fellow Canadian to buy an airplane ticket for him.

Abousfian Abdelrazik is a Canadian and hails from Montreal. He returned to Sudan to visit his ailing mother and while he was there he was arrested because his name is on a terrorist list. He apparently has had ties with Osama Bun Laden and others like him.

A quote from “The Star” states…
“A lawyer for Abousfian Abdelrazik said Thursday that those contributing financially to his plane fare can be charged under Canadian law because his name is still on a UN terrorist blacklist.”

Mind you at this point you have to guess that we do not know all the information about this man. We have a lawyer making noise to get the Canadian Government involved.

Our own RCMP does not indicate that they have any notes about potential crimes that he has committed. There is a UN Blacklist that has a name on it that seems to be connected to him.

Now add to this affair an important fact. His Canadian Passport has expired while he has been in hiding in the Canadian Embassy in Sudan. But because his Canadian Passport has expired while he is out of the country – the Canadian Government will not pay for his return flight as they do in some cases prior helping Canadians in trouble overseas.

But one big question is – why a Canadian Embassy overseas has not helped him get his passport and his way out… specially if he is hiding in it or has taken refuge in the Embassy. I mean – what is the Embassy suppose to do?

So other Canadians have stepped up to pay the airplane ticket for this man… but by doing so – his lawyer has explained that THEY COULD all go to jail for what they have done. At the least their names will appear on a list that is going to be held by the UN… and should they travel anywhere away from home… WATCH OUT!

The first question that comes to my mind as a minister is… how am I implicated in this? I have spoken with and out right helped some VERY BAD PEOPLE… some could have been terrorists. There were some that I knew were in trouble. In the course of trying to help them spiritually and physically I crossed over into a territory that is dangerous. If I was followed or traced back to these people – I COULD BE CHARGED! I COULD GO TO JAIL!

Is anyone else a little bit worried about our freedoms?

In the early 1950s when the USA went through the “McCarthy Era”. Joseph McCarthy headed investigations through out the US looking for Communists and their supporters. Eventually it would be known as “McCarthyism” – a witch hunt for bad people – people at least that some one thought was bad.

I must state here that I do not believe in Terrorism or the acts that Terrorist commit in the name of whoever. I strongly condemn what these extremists have done.

But I also condemn a society and a leadership that allows a power be given to a group that can list people – fair or unfairly – then cause great harm to all concerned.

Does it concern you that he was arrested while seeing his mother in Sudan? Who knew that he was going there? His government must have – they and the airlines have the information as he was entering the aircraft to take off. Computers do that you know. They do not forget.

But some one had to have picked up his name and entered it into a UN Blacklist. A computer cannot do that… that is a human thing. So someone had to have made a decision that they would put that name on the list.

Now you have to know… that even writing about this can get your Blog looked into. I didn’t use the generic identification of “a man” – but I used his full name as given by the newspaper. He is Abousfian Abdelrazik and he is a Canadian – a non Anglo-Saxon name – non Francophone name base… but he is CANADIAN.

This Blog appears on many computers everywhere. In a few days (or even hours) there will be a flurry of hits from all kinds of interesting investigative sources.

For example…
When I was preparing a Blog for a Christian friend of mine living and ministering in Mombassa, Kenya – a very strong Islamic area – the Blog was hit on regularly by Islamic countries/cities all the way up the east coast of Africa… until we realized that this little effort was potentially putting the Christian folk there at risk from extremists.

I found an interesting program on the internet that allows you to plug in some one’s unique computer address (each computer has one) and it tells me exactly where the computer is. So yes I have seen where these hits come from – even to this simple Blog. And it is real!

Checking just a moment ago – in the last 100 hits on this Blog the coverage has been from Japan moving west to Asia to Europe to Africa to the UK to South America to all parts of the USA… and right across Canada… People come form everywhere. It is amazing to say the least.

So using “Abousfian Abdelrazik” may get some reaction with the searches that will be done. And saying that I am interested in this man – but as yet have not met him… may be not so good. That is what 113 fellow Canadians did and they could be in trouble.

Quick quick – get off this posting – some one knows that you were here today. You now are in trouble too. $^## &^%$ why didn’t some one tell you?

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Abousfian Abdelrazik is in trouble

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