Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Images That Don’t Go Away

So with a few words the image sticks deeply in my mind. If it is an odd picture – it sticks better and for longer. On this cold February day try this one out…

“Wedgie used to hold down suspect"
"SALT LAKE CITY - It took a wedgie and a headlock to pin down a man suspected of breaking into a car in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Yvonne Morris, a technician at the Brickyard Animal Hospital, says she chased a man who broke into a co-worker's car, but he kept squirming away from her. Morris eventually grabbed the man's boxer shorts and pulled.

Salt Lake City police say she then she put a headlock on the man until help could arrive.”

I don’t know about you… but for me that is hilarious. Yvonne could easily have entered WWE wrestling events with that cool move. A head lock and real good wedgie of the boxer shorts. (For some that have never witnessed this kind of action… the “Wedger” grabs the back section of the waist band of the other person’s under wear and pulls upward hard and fast…producing a “Wedgie” on the other person.)

Or try this one….
“VERNON, B.C. - Members of the Vernon RCMP detachment in British Columbia's North Okanagan are used to seeing crooks hauled through their doors.

But they aren't used to seeing a suspect dragged in, almost by his ear, after being corralled by a small, irate woman furious about the theft of her pickup truck.

Mounties admit they had trouble keeping straight faces as they rescued the suspect from his captor early Friday morning.

The woman says she was sitting in a nearby car, waiting for her truck to warm up, when the man jumped into the pickup and sped away.

She followed in the car and, when the suspect realized he couldn't shake his tenacious tail he ditched the pickup - a block away from the Vernon RCMP detachment.

That's when the truculent truck owner collared the man who, it turns out, was not sober.”

She is not very big, but she is some upset! The dude had no idea what kind of day he would end up having the day that he messed with this little lady.

What an image to store. Headlock, wedgie and wild older lady….

But then there are images that are actual photos that stick deeply and produce amazing feelings.

For example this photo of the Koala Bear receiving help from a firefighter. My heart was stirred with reports of this fire in Australia and the reports of the animals that were killed by the thousands.
Next I offer this photo of a dog trying out for the position of a Mascot. I love spaniels and this one is a great photo example of character.
The fact that our minds keep the images for a long time after they are brought in is the amazing part of the ability that we have been given.

Last week I sat with a group of seniors and reminisced over some old days. I asked them what their favourite game was when they were a child. At least half the group remembered the game called “Jacks” – then described the little red ball, the shiny steel(or black) Jack, and then went on to explain how to play it. As one lady spoke the others grinned at her description – they were right there with her as young hands grasped each Jack and a red ball.

We also went on a ‘favourite vacation’ spot and as they began again to share the places that they had traveled to at one point in their life. Sandy beaches, warm sunshine and people they had met. The memories came from all over the world. Sand on their toes and warm water around their ankles… Wonderful memories, with the images that come back so powerfully to reaffirm us – are there all the time.

On this cold winter morning can you remember the hum of that miserable mosquito that was able to follow you indoors last May? Can you remember the smell of the marigolds that grew along the path – and the soft wet felling of their flowers when you touched them?

Images that don’t go away are my close friends.

I praise God for the ability that he has given us to remember. How about you?

On this cold winter day… why not make a list of the wonderful memories. Do you remember the first time that you held that baby – maybe your own – or someone else’s? Do you remember when that little hand held yours?

So many wonderful images… so very many!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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