Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The George Parros and Colton Orr fight – no one was the winner – we all lose

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The George Parros and Colton Orr fight – no one was the winner – we all lose

As I looked through the news this morning me eyes fell on a sad story about Hockey.  Some of you that actually are being convinced by the CBC that you should watch Hockey – may have seen it happen.

George Parros was knocked unconscious by Colton Orr.  See the story here. George had to be carried from the ice on a stretcher.  They are guessing now that there may be a concussion or other damage.  George may be done for the season.  And that game was the season opener. How sad.

There is no doubt in my mind that fans of hockey love a good fight… a rockum, sockum, knock down brawl on the ice.  Fans seem to love it… and pay big bucks to buy the tickets to see it happen.

What would ever happen if fighting was not allowed?

Now I should mention here that Colton and George already had an opportunity to fight in January 2011. At that time George had knocked out Colton. Colton couldn’t play again after he suffered a concussion… and was demoted down to the minor leagues again until he got better.

Fighting – why!!?

Well George and Colton are known to be the brawling guys for their teams.  They are there to take the other team on. They do things on the ice and in the game to get under the skin of the other team.  They do stuff to get at the other player – provoking a fight.  And in some cases that I personally know about… were told by their coaches to do what they did – take the other player out.

Teams and team plays are built of well-disciplined strategies.  Each of these strategies involved certain good players… and if you can take out a good player – so be it. That disrupts the strategy employed by the other team… and they will lose.

For me it is like playing live Chess on Ice. Take away as many players as you can to make your opponent unable to defend themselves.

I have five grandsons and one granddaughter that all play sports. Some play Hockey… which I hope they will fail at… because of the potential to get hurt badly. Others play football and have got hurt as well.

One is on crutches at this moment after another football player purposely speared his thigh with the helmet.  The ref never saw it… but it happened.

What happens to George Parros in say 50 years from now and his memory is completely screwed up… and in fact maybe it is not working at all?  Who will care then?  His wife – or future family will. But they will have the knowledge from his photos, from the newspaper articles and from maybe a winning ring… that he was a tough guy.  But tough guys without a memory are not so tough anymore.

I am sickened by what happened – and hope that someone will step in and say this is enough.  Come on Betman – wakeup. Come on owners of the teams – look into the eyes of the young wives and the children of the players… do they need this kind of pain?

Not at all – let’s change together!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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