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Political Shell Games – yuk!

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Political Shell Games – yuk!

Maybe it is my age. Maybe it is something I ate or stopped eating.  Maybe it is the weather.  Maybe it is something outside of my world that caused it. Maybe….

Whatever is happening around me is making me more distant and isolated from the things that matter.  The distance and isolation are hard to deal with.  I want to scream and in fact I have… but no one is listening.


I think it is the political games that people play that make me feel this way. When you know they are playing with you and with the things that you love… isolation and withdrawal are a safety valve response I guess.

Who is playing the game you ask?

Well the prime example in Canada is one Senator Mike Duffy, the stubby little dude that used to be a political analyst and a broadcaster about all things political in our Federal Government.  The Prime Minister of Canada liked his tenacity so much that he gave him a real job as a Top Political person – namely be was made a Senator.  No not a Hockey Player but a nonelected politician that has a good salary and super benefits.

But Mr. Duffy has been caught dipping deeper into the big pot of funding that he should never have been closed to.  Read the latest revelations here, “5 surprising things in the latest court documents”

A dude that used to be a TV technician (repaired TVs), by the name of Gerald Donohue, was on disability insurance so he couldn’t receive any income.  But yet he was able to set up a media company that Mr. Duffy paid good money into.  The media company however morphed into a ‘concrete form’ company that was owned and operated by Donohue’s wife and son.

How a media company can be transformed into a concrete business is enough to make anyone with half a brain say, “HUH? What the…???”.

Does Duffy and Donohue think people are that stupid?  DO they think that other Senators are that stupid?  DO THEY think that the Prime Minister and his cronies are that …?? Well… I guess so…!

But maybe it is because they all are doing that kind of thing. Maybe the whole darn works are crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Maybe you cannot believe anything anyone in that Government says or does.

Our local Member of Parliament, tough Dean Delmastro, has his own troubles. He has charges laid against him for breaking the rules in an election. He spent a lot of money they say, but only revealed part of what he spent.  And now he is complaining what these “false allegations” are doing to his family locally. People are turning on his family members to show their displeasure… using dog manure, threats and acting kind of nasty towards his clan.

Apparently Dean is innocent – so he says – and he will prove it in court. So let’s wait.

In the meantime the crapola that is coming from Ottawa with Mr. Duffy is not helping Dean and the rest of the Conservative crowd.  They all are slipping.

But I found out at an early stage in my life that walking through a barnyard full of cow crap, you will step in some and it is slippery.  If you are around enough crap long enough you will get it on your ‘Sunday going to meeting shoes’.

And politicians seem to take a long time to realize that little bit of farm knowledge.

But classically the way to handle the cover up is to use the “shell game”.

I first saw the “shell game” at a local Country Fair.  The dude that was playing it for money was standing behind a small table.  There was three cups upside down and under one of the cups he placed a pea.  Shuffling the cups left and right past each other quickly, so quickly that you had a very difficult time remembering which cup the pea was under.  Very few times the person that stepped forward with their money placed on the table – could guess where the ‘pea’ was.  The guy was good.

Money on the table?  Yep, it was kind of a gambling game. You laid down your money and he moved the cups quickly. If you guess the place where the ‘pea’ was, he paid you the amount you laid down. If you missed the ‘pea’ he kept your money. Touch luck sucker – bad guess, no ‘pea’, no winner!  Mind the “shell game” guy won almost every time.

A favorite way to win was for the dude running the cups back and forth, swirling in circles round and round… was to get rid of the ‘pea’ – hide it so not matter which cup you guessed you would lose.

Duffy and Dean’s Ottawa Country Fair “shell game” is a popular.

Do I sound like I am down on Dean and Duffy?  Sorry that is not the case… not at all.  But I am a little like the people that they interviewed on the streets in Peterborough over the last few days… I am not really sure what to believe. One guy outright stated his obvious, “He’s guilty!” referring to Dean. Others believed he should have his right to be heard in court.

On the side… if I understand it correctly… Dean’s political war team paid out $20,000+ to another company that returned the check.  I think that is right.  No… why given or how come… just that part of the story. It is getting better for the Media folks.

Talking with my grandsons age group is interesting. Asking how they might vote and for who… produces funny answers… and startling answers. “Nope… I am not voting. It is a waste of time. They all are crooked and I don’t like crooked people.”

Some don’t use the word crooked – but something more barnyard like.

Political Shell Games are played by many… all over our country. And when and IF they are caught being guilty of not guilty – no one will believe what they say anyway.

That is my “Maybe” answer for the way that I feel and many others feel as well.


~ Murray Lincoln ~

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