Friday, October 4, 2013

Beside Little Lake – the warm afternoon of retirement and early morning rain drops

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Beside Little Lake – the warm afternoon of retirement and early morning rain drops

This morning early the rain drops were falling on our deck outside our bedroom.  The door was open and the coolness of the night had flooded our room. The very cool air mixed with the sound of the rain pattering on the deck… made the warm blankets pulled up around my nose – just simply the most wonderful sensation ever!

I am retired and life is much slower than it used to be. And with this mode of ‘do almost nothing kind of days’ it is my reward for getting up early for more than 40 years. Bounding out of bed and being ready for the next big crisis was the modus operandi.

Now it doesn’t happen nearly as often – in fact never.  The only crisis now is maybe missing a doctor’s appointment or something like that.  Double booking doesn’t happen nearly as often as missed bookings.

Hey I am now retired just over 5 years – and I love it.

Yesterday My wife and I sat for a long time on a park bench… just looking at the lake, having the beautiful breeze blow into our faces while lapping up the sunshine.  It was maybe the most peaceful moment we have had in our lives… and that was after a wonderful quiet coffee time at the small Silver Bean coffee shop down near the water.

Some of my younger friends struggle with 48+ weeks of the year to get one week or so of doing what I do all the time now.

I am blessed beyond any possible way to describe it.

But we have to purpose to take time away from the normal stuff that has to happen.  Normal is also there. Shopping, appointments, meetings, and everyday stuff that can clog a calendar.  But in between the words of the stuff is a comma that shows a break where I can capture the unforgettable moments.

These pictures show a little of what happened beside the lake on October 3, 2013.  BTW – we were the only ones in the park – completely alone.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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