Sunday, September 29, 2013

I don’t Hate Brockville – now that I know more

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I don’t Hate Brockville – now that I know more

I feel a little better about Brockville after hearing more of the story. Yikes!  It was not Brockville’s problem – but rather a dummy that drove his tractor trailer the wrong way on the 401 Highway on that Friday… crashing into another tractor trailer… which caused a massive fire and ruined the highway surface.

Then to make things worse in the city a train track runs through… and at about 3 PM a tractor trailer stopped on the very busy track, broke the guarding arm off that protects cars from being hit by trains passing through. Then near the same time a Via Rail train was forced to stop with that truck sitting across the tracks. Exactly when our lane of traffic died!

To say that people were mad was understating it.

A friend of mine that drove the same way, left Kingston at 6:30 PM and arrived in Ottawa at 12:30 AM – 6 hours to do a normal 1 hour and a half drive!

Sorry Brockvillians – I don’t hate you any longer… my huge mistake.

But it does point to some police that seriously needed to force people off the 401 at Kingston before things escalated to the near tragedy on train tracks.  Oh boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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