Monday, October 28, 2013

Promising myself to never vote for Liars again

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Promising myself to never vote for Liars again
So how do you feel about the “goings on” in Ottawa’s Canadian Federal Government?  Especially the interaction concerning the Three Senators, Duffy, Wallin and Brazaeu – and the Prime Minister.
Our Canadian Prime Minister claims he didn’t know anything about the situation with Mr. Duffy – at one point. Then when the statements revealed that he did know and was engaged in the issue by telling Duffy that he had better pay back the money… he backed that with a statement in Parliament with, “You’re darn right I did!” (tell him to pay back the money that he over charged for).
But he didn’t know… oh yah… tell me another one that I can believe… because I do not believe that one for one moment. And when he tells me more of anything – why would I believe any of the rest of it?
While I served in leadership roles with the church I had assistant pastors working with me. I asked one thing of them, that they would always be sure that I was aware of what was happening.  My lowly request was always agreed to by the assistants as they realized that if they got into trouble I was there to back and support them. If I didn’t know I wouldn’t or couldn’t support the flailing assistant.
I do not know of any leader in important positions that does not live by that rule and request of all that serves with her or him.  It is called open communication and accountability.
Yet the present Government leadership wants Canadians to believe that they never knew – therefore they are not responsible for what happens.
One simple thing I believe is that ALL LEADERS LEAD BY BEING RESPONSIBLE!  That is why we ask those we lead to be sure they communicate with us all the time.
Any person that claims they are without knowledge of something happening – is not telling the truth.  Leaders always know – and other leaders know they know!!! Plain and simple.
But when you are a Prime Minister you know everything – all the time. You have people below you and around you that know what is going on – they are there to know and then let you know.
I don’t trust people when they lie. And in this situation it appears that a whole lot are telling lies to cover their butts – right up to the top!
My entire weekend was filled with stories about three political Senator… and the epic denials of our Prime Minister. I don’t believe anyone anymore… and in particular the Conservative Party of Canada!  They are unbelievable in all ways.
But who is there to believe? Who do I chose from after they show their lies?  Can anyone of the others show me that they are truthful and don’t tell stories(lies) to protect their butts as well. There is no one who can be trusted I am afraid – and that is really sad.
At the time I am pecking out these words even more is happening in this sad situation.
It is well known that Mr. Duffy is a sick man with major heart problems. He has enough people that believe him and some that kind of sit on the fence about it all.
If he has a heart attack as result of his onetime friend Stephen Harper ripping the guts out of the man – Duffy will become a “Canadian Martyr” of the likes of Louis Riel of the olds days. Riel was hung because he opposed the politics of the day and the way that they were treating aboriginal people(part of his rapscallion ways).
My Duffy is being hung out to dry and die by the people that he supported.  Old Duff is on his way to stardom – and maybe even Sainthood!
I have sat to write this a number of times but just get more confused as to what to say… SOOOOO today I can say I hate liars… and I hate people that turn on their best friends and the people that helped them.
Good Lord I know what that is like… and it aint nice. Even as a Minister(the religious kind) you have some very nasty characters that turn on you in a heartbeat!
So go ahead Stevieee and let old Duff have it. Hang him out to dry and die. We are all watching you “excellent leadership” – blah!!!
I know who I will never vote for again, LIARS!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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