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Shake, Rattle and Roll – Does your Pastor carry a pistol and would he kill?

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Shake, Rattle and Roll – Does your Pastor carry a pistol and would he kill?
To say that I am blown away by what this posting is all about is putting it mildly.
First I must establish something for all my readers that are all over the world. I am Canadian. I was born Canadian and raised Canadian.  But I have American roots. It was my Grandparents on both sides of my family that came from the U.S.A. to become a part of the Canadian culture… and add their own flavour to what I know as being Canadian.  But whatever they brought with them as good (or as bad) as it was molded into the fabric of their lives… and as time went on the Canadian content became part of their lives in  a greater way.  They changed to what I knew them as, Canadians with a touch the good old U.S.A.
My family knew what guns were about.  They also knew what war was about with members of the family being killed in the wars that had surrounded them.
And at least two of the family in the two generations up to four generations back from me had died because of bullets.  Someone had aimed a gun at them and shot them dead on purpose.
One of the dead ones was the President of the U.S.A. Abe Lincoln and the other was a Great, Great Aunt that was shot by her husband… when he said he was shooting a weasel running loose in the house…ahem!
Now to set the story further I have served as a minister for almost 35 years and 5 years inactive now.  With this duty came the responsibility to stand in a pulpit and preach.  And guess what… not everyone liked what I said… or what I did. There were hundreds of great supporters over the years for what I did… but at times there were also many that didn’t like what I did one little bit! And as a Pastor you may think you are doing what you should do to show love but others don’t think you are doing what you should do… and oppose you in every way.
Well on September 29, 2013 CNN reported that a dude that had served as a Deacon in the church walked in at 8:20 PM and shot the pastor two times as he was preaching.  First apparently from a little ways away and then at close range laid another bullet into the old Pastor’s being.
Later the Deacon called the Police to turn himself in and also showed them where the two guns he had we discarded in the bush.
The Pastor’s wife and family were all there watching the happenings during that revival service.
My guess is the church closed shortly after that happening.
I didn’t catch the story on TV or in print until another Pastor alerted a group of pastors like myself to the story – AND asked a question if we all thought that perhaps we, as pastors and preachers, “Should we be carrying a gun under our Robes or Suits as we stand in the pulpit?”
I couldn’t believe the question when it was asked in the Pastors Discussion Forum that I belong to!  They talk about a lot of Doctrine, Church Politics and Churchy stuff on this Forum revealing what is happening in their area of the church world… and they come from all over the world but the prime group is from the U.S.A.
Right there out in the open the Pastors defended the idea that each of us as a Pastor should be carrying a gun ALL THE TIME… and specially in the Pulpit… to be able to defend the people that they care for as their Shepherd!!
I am still shaking my head as the discussion continues.  These guys are dead serious and actively do what needs to be done to be good shots when they need to shoot.
In the discussion one of the pastors revealed that the Louisiana story of the dead minister might have more behind yet.  Apparently the Pastor may have been involved with the former Deacon’s wife… oh boy!!!  If that is true the dude that shot the other guy may have thought he had provocation to do the dude in…. hmmmm?
No matter what happened near Lake Charles, Louisiana it was the attitude of the other ministers that love their guns.  They not only pack a pistol but also make sure that at least two other men in the church are also carrying as well to help where they need to help out in shooting someone – if needs be.
I am not sure how I should express my feelings or what should be said. These dudes will not listen to a lonely Canadian voice stammering his objections to the Big Bad Americans that loved to pack a pistol.
I cannot help think that the next time I am in the good old U.S.A. and attend church… I will be questioning myself… is that dude preaching… packing a pistol?  And if I say “Amen” too loudly or stand to give a “Word from the Lord” about the lack of love that I feel… would I be shot dead?
But then back in Canada some good ‘christian’ folk can be pretty nasty at times. And if they had a gun they just might plug me too.
I am glad that I am retired!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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