Monday, September 9, 2013

Trying to find Hope for the Ray of Hope in Kitchener, Ontario

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Trying to find Hope for the Ray of Hope in Kitchener, Ontario

I knew it wouldn’t take long before a local charitable group would feel the sting of an authoritarian Government person.


The Kitchener, Ontario group known as “Rays of Hope” was notified on August 27, 2013 that their practice of getting food prepared outside of the place that it will be served in will be shut down… specially if the food is prepared in kitchens that are not inspected by a food inspector from the health department.

Jon Hill, the director of Rays of Hope, is expected to give the health department all the names and addresses of the people and places where the food is prepared. Then if these places will be continuing the practice of preparing the food for the Rays of Hope they have to prove they are certified to do so.

When the new health regulations were passed into law where the local church or community group could no longer serve food not prepared in the inspected kitchen, I knew what was coming.

Now the first group that is being targeted in Ontario is one that feeds 250 homeless folk… that might be finding their normal food in garbage bins behind restaurants or hotels.  Yes, they do just that!

Yet it is the same government that will not provide enough money for the social network to live appropriately.

How many funerals are provided for by dear old saints of God making a few sandwiches for the funeral of their dear old friend?  Mind you the dear old saint had a pretty little kitty walking around on her counter top admiring the salmon smell.  Or in another case the family dog went berserk when the doorbell rang and the stirring up a good tablespoon full of dog dander in the house as it ran around in circles greeting the visitor at the door… with the plate of sandwiches being made then… yuk!

Okay. Okay. Food preparation is important.

Yesterday I ordered a hamburger at a Wendys in Whitby. It was cold and when I took the first bite I saw red meat inside!  Yuk!  Taking it back to the apologetic staff made it possible to be given a hamburger twice the size… which I bit into taking a long hard look before chewing.

I can see the health department’s rules and regulations and why they should be.

I can also see the need that the “Ray of Hope” kind of ministries have.  No government is stepping up to give funding to the group so they go to kind hearted people that care.

So where does the answer come from?

Jon Hill will be shutting down a valuable help to homeless people soon if something doesn’t give.  Please note that government leaders will not likely intervene too soon… because they would have to do something… like supply much needed funding for staff and equipment to run the program… and government usually remains quiet when it really matters (other than getting votes for re-election).

Now sit back and give your head a good shake. Can you believe it?  I can.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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