Monday, September 23, 2013

Single Arghhhh! Double Arghhhh! Triple Arghhhh!

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Single Arghhhh! Double Arghhhh! Triple Arghhhh!

What a dilemma!  What a difficult time in my life.  What a hard place to be!

It happened yesterday… in Port Hope, Ontario. It was Sunday.  It was a beautiful afternoon. And I am dressed in my ‘Sunday best’ – meaning my ‘Sunday go to meeting’ outfit. Arghhh!

And there below the bridge were dozens upon dozens of lucky fishermen with their lines in the water.

Now normally it isn’t a problem because people fish in this Ganaraska River all the time.  But yesterday.. .there in the river below me was the huge swirling pool of huge salmon fishing waiting to head up the river to spawn.  And they were biting the hooks with bait presented to them.

I could only watch as they fished! Double Arghhh!!!!

There is absolutely no harder time for a fisherman to be in that Sunday afternoon in your ‘Sunday best’ – while others are pulling out fish as long as their legs!!!!!

All I could do was take photos.

So today I show you the evidence that I have – Big FISH swimming away from me. I didn’t sleep well last night as I heard the laughter of fish swimming away. Triple Arghhhhhh!



~ Murray Lincoln ~

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