Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank You to the Guys of the Public Works Division Team of the City of Peterborough

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Thank You to the Guys of the Public Works Division Team of the City of Peterborough

This post today is to say a BIG Thank You to a Crew of Guys that work for our City of Peterborough… and specifically the Team that have been working to replace the sidewalk along Western Ave… where we live. 

The old sidewalk was sagging broken and miserable for anyone like my Mom to walk on with her walker.  A wheel chair was just as bad in that it shook the dickens out of anyone traveling along the walk.

When this project started we realized immediately that it was going to possibly go on for a few weeks (or maybe longer if rained).  It could possibly mean that getting my Mom out to her weekly programs and sometimes Doctor’s appointments very difficult – if not impossible!  When I had watched what had happened just up the next block with the wide chasm I shuddered to think what we were facing.

One call to the City Department in charge of construction meant that a real person came to our home to see what was needed to be done. Glen Perritt, Inspector from the Public Works Division, was at our door the very next morning to see how they could help us.

For the past three weeks we have watched the progress of the old lumpy sidewalk disappear, the driveway approach being cut and removed, and then the gravel being dumped into the area that was opened up.  At the end of each day’s excavation, construction, form building, cement pouring and then the paving stages… this amazing Team from the Public Works Division of the City of Peterborough made sure that Great Grandma Lincoln could access the outside world.  Not once did we have to call for help.

For that reason today I am writing this post in honor of these Guys and then Team Work that they are capable of… and that they accomplished.

Thanks Guys it was very helpful.

BTW – on the days that 92 year old Great Grandma Lincoln didn’t have to go out to a program she sat and watched the action on the street.

Finally, yesterday, when the pavement was being poured out, waddled down, then rolled into place… the guys stopped for a minute to stand with her for a photo.  (To the management… it was less than 30 seconds and this old gal loved it!)

Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!  You did a great job in every way.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Here are the Photos of some of what happened...

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