Thursday, September 5, 2013

How stupid can some people be? Part 2

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How stupid can some people be? Part 2

Continuing along the same line as the guy that swallowed the toe in the Yukon… is another few stories that make me shake my head over and over again.

First comes the story of the man in Nebraska that is suing Walmart, and a maker of the plastic bags that Walmart used at their checkout counters to place the customer’s purchases in.

This man’s wife shopped at Walmart and the poorly trained bagger(so the man claims) placed too many goods in a plastic bag.  It is assumed here that the plastic bag was either faulty or something went wrong on the way out of the store or in the parking lot… and the bag broke The contents of the bag spilled downwards and hit his wife’s big toe – causing a gash in or on her toe.

That was in April 2010.  In March 2011 the poor woman died. The toe was infected and the infection apparently killed her 11 months later.

Really – it is true!  The man in now suing Walmart and the plastic bag maker for her death – in 2013!!!

I can see the man is in distress and likely still grieving the loss of his poor wife – but for a law suit to come that long after the fact – come on!  Walmart will defend itself for sure.

Guess who is smiling in this story?  Yep – you guessed right – Lawyers. Lawyers, the right one of course, found poor Mr. Freis and found a money making role for themselves.  Bingo!  What a great day for lawsuit!!!

Good luck Mr. Freis…

Locally our community has been entertained by the antics of our City Council.  The antics of any city Council can be most entertaining at the best of times. Look at Toronto and Mayor Rob Ford, his cohorts and all those that oppose everything the poor Mayor tries to do.  If it wasn’t for a potential war in Syria and the whole of the Middle East, that bog ole Mayor Robbie would be gobbling up more press time, more TV time and more YouTube time than anyone in the world.  Talk about stupid!  Stupid rules!  And behind stupid is likely a lawyer given advice and collecting dollars.

Arggh!  You knew that I was going here… our local City Council and all of the players… including one scary Mayor.  Not all but a large percentage of the City Council think “Mayor Bennett thoughts”. They have to in that he is bigger, smarter and more powerful than they are… so when they think, they think what he thinks.  That is just the way it is in politics… and it is likely the reason that most really capable people keep out of politics.

Whew – that was a load of unverified slobber wasn’t it!?

In Peterborough about a year and a half ago now, the Mayor made headlines by speaking against the local police chief at a number of local community events.  The Mayor of Peterborough doesn’t think that our police force is worth the money our city has to fork out to get the job done – basically.  He feels that they, the police, are gouging the city for more and more money. And then he makes a point of telling everyone he can how bad those guys all are.

Okay it is political and political people try hard to make political points wherever they can.

When it boiled down to the final stages of confrontation about a year ago, Mayor Bennett was made to step down from his seat(not actively participate) at the Police Services Board.

Wooieee – did it ever get hot around our good old city! When the Mayor gets upset, everybody isn’t happy either. Kind of like, “When mama aint happy, aint nobody happy!” And you don’t want to get mama unhappy – believe me.

Well you don’t want to get the mayor unhappy either – cause stuff happens.

In the article printed in the last few days you can read all about what will happen next. Wow! Read Mayor aiming for broad changes to police commission rules”

Mayor Bennett feels that his own rights were trampled on when “he was suspended from actively participating as a member of the board”.  He is out to change it so he can sit on the board and say whatever he likes to whoever he likes to say it to – no matter how confidential it may or may not be! ‘Cotton pickin’ stupid people – you should know that it is your right to say whatever you want to say about the confidential things said and done in any board meeting! Stupid people!!!!

How could I point out something so ridiculous on the part of people that are criticizing important people like a Mayor!?!

I served as a minister for well over 35 years. I was on Boards of many kinds and was the Chair of many Boards during that time. More specifically on the Board of Leaders, Board of Elders, Official Church Board…whatever you call them – I was the Chair… and an active member of every Board.

In that vital to role of leadership locally many things were discussed by each Board that was considered confidential. When each member took up the role they had agreed to they also knew instinctively that they were not to share with anyone what was being discussed at our Board meetings. We kind of knew that taking this important role was a huge responsibility and we should not, could not speak about what happened in our meetings.

Now suppose someone on the Board that I served on decided they just had to tell the press what our last meeting was all about?  Suppose that someone decided to get up at a Lion’s Club meeting and tell how the teenager in our church just did to his family and how Sister Soandso had a bad case of the runs, had an accident at church and had to go home earlier – now not wanting to attend any longer!! Poor Sister Soandso!!!

Would you trust a Church Board member that did that to you?

Well my dear Mr. Mayor we have lost a whole lot of trust on this one.

BUT GUESS WHAT!?  At the “committee of the whole” this week, the Mayor’s Lawyer announced for the Councillors and the city that the Mayor would be challenging the whole system of Government interference into local people’s rights to speak their minds openly!!  Imagine a lawyer speaking before the fact… do you think maybe that cost something?  You betcha!

Now another cost factor that we all will pay for – how can the Mayor or anyone so entrenched in getting their own way, do a proper job of what they should be doing?

I had mentioned to my friends that I had attended a local retirement function for Police Officers of our area.  It was a wonderful affair and quite amazing. It was also an honour to be invited.  BUT I didn’t see the city leaders there and it miffed me.

The mayor of our fine city was nowhere to be seen!  Another mayor was there but not ours!!

I asked the retiree why the Mayor wouldn’t come to this special day. His answer stopped me short. “The Mayor wasn’t invited. Last year when he came he stood up and tore the Police Chief apart.  He won’t be invited again!”

Whoa!  Decorum be dammed!  Speak your mind wherever and whenever you like.  At a retirement party you can dam well say what you want!  Why? Well because you are the Mayor and that is all that matters.  Tear the Police Chief apart in front of the Police Officers that he is the leader of is plain stupid. Yes it happened!

I am living in a stupid world. I used to have to sit and let stupid rule… but I don’t anymore.

I can say with the little boy at the side of the road, “Look Ma… the Emperor has no clothes!”

Ya. Ya. I know they all have lawyers… Oh Crap!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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