Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grandpa Lincoln could not be more proud!

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Grandpa Lincoln could not be more proud!
Hokey Mokey – I nearly exploded yesterday.  My chest came very close to ripping the zipper clean open on my sweatshirt… almost like the Hulk!  Only I wasn’t angry… I was proud as punch with what I witnessed.
I am a Grandpa and I am about to Brag.  Please forgive me… but I am now swelling to over size and about to explode again as I tell you about yesterday.
Yesterday I traveled to Fenelon Falls and to their High School. There was to be two football games, one after another. First the junior teams and then the senior teams were playing.
The Adam Scott was playing Fenelon Falls… for the first game of the season.
Well here goes… are you ready for this?  Adam Scott’s junior team beat the Fenelon Falls junior team 54 to 24!
Then the junior’s game was followed by the seniors playing.
Adam Scott again beat the Fenelon Falls team 42 – 7.  Repeat Wahoo and throw in a few Unbelievables and Yipeees!!!
Why so excited… why burst my buttons?
Well on the Adam Scott junior team there is one girl playing. She is number 82 and below that sharp looking, new jersey is very cute young lady named Emma Lindsay – MY GRANDDAUGHTER!
And on the Adam Scott senior team, with jersey number 35 is my GRANDSON, Clifford Lindsay!!!
Imagine – how much fun can a football crazy Grandpa have in one afternoon? It is a good thing my heart is very healthy – in fact my whole body is so healthy – or I might have had a flipping “whatever” as I burst with pride all over!
Now some very funny stories flow from just yesterday’s game.
Sitting the stands with all the wiggly, sometimes loud and often rather stupid little girls that were not watching the game – but rather ogling the “hot guys” that were coming to the games… I bit my tongue a whole lot. It was so hard to not to tell them, “Watch the Game and stop looking for “Hot Guys”.
So instead of saying something that scolded these teenies… I popped in at the right time, “Hey girls take a look at #82 on the Adam Scott team.”  They all turned their attention to the field where the potentially “hot guy” in #82 was standing… you know the one with the cute butt… or the one with the great legs… the one that was pushing their team player around with great confidence… They all looked.  And then just at the right moment I said proudly… “That’s my Granddaughter Emma Lindsay. She is the only girl on the team. She has been playing football for 5 years and she is good!”
“Wow! Your kidding!  No way… awesome!” Were some of the words that spilled out of these lip glossed, teenie weenies.  Then they started telling other girls that sat nearby.  Emma’s celebrity status was growing suddenly.
Another popular young lady that was a little older sat down right in front of me and they immediately told her about the girl playing football… and that the girl’s Grandpa was sitting right behind her.  Oh boy did I get bigger or what!
As the afternoon went on, Adam Scott’s team won and the next team came on the field… play continued with the senior teams.
At that point some more “hot guys” came along. One “hot guy” that apparently hung out with the teenies… sat down right in front of me.  A good looking young man, quiet, cool, and watching ever play that was progressing on the field.
The teenies rep turned to this “hot guy” and asked him… “How does it feel to be beaten by a team that had girl playing on it?” – then she giggled poking him.  The poor, young, “hot guy” started to say something but the teenie told him the girl’s Grandpa was sitting behind him… yikes!  How uncool was that… but it was funny.
I put my hand on his strong, young shoulder and reassured him that winning that game was a team effort – not one girl’s effort to beat his team. He nodded.
Too darn funny!
Now it was not over… after the game, one of the guys on Emma’s team asked her for a date. Arghhh!  This is football guy… get a grip.
I know. I know. Emma told me to “Sit still Grandpa and don’t say anything!”
Clifford’s game was amazing too. None of the other football players asked him for date – thankfully!  But as the Captain of the Team, he was able to choose the pump-up music for the bus ride. This year it is an upbeat rock and roll kind of music. Last year it was Country Music – which after “the dog died, the truck quit and the little lady left” the geezer writing the song… you were not ready for a football game… and definitely not pumped up!!!
This morning I am heading out to be proud again. Little Emma, my granddaughter, is now an assistant coach for the little guys just beginning football in the Kinsmen Minor Football League… and Grandpa Lincoln could not be more proud – All Over Again!
~ Murray Lincoln ~
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Anonymous said...

Hey Murray....great Blog and better still a great Grandpa! I'm sure the kids appreciate your enthusiastic words and cool humor! You're also a LUCkY Grandpa...being so close and able to be so much a part of Emma's and Clifford's lives. I did get to see Clifford play (and win) in three of his games this summer. They are great kids and we love them sooo much! Gramma & Grandpa Lindsay