Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Amazing Work of the Salvage Crew of the Costa Concordia

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The Amazing Work of the Salvage Crew of the Costa Concordia

A ‘Job of a Lifetime’ is the way that one diver described the righting of the big ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy.  I am in awe of what they have accomplished with this amazing feat.

I watched the short video that has been prepared and shown on the BBC web site – Costa Concordia: Stricken ship set upright

From what I have read the Costa Concordia is much larger than the Titanic was. That is a bog WOW from my side of the table.

Here is another good account of what happened… read this

The thought I had today as I read all of this… you can do amazing things if you take your time, think it through and then work diligently to the final goal.

Lots to think about today.

Way to go salvage crew!! Way to go!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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