Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reacting to the Mall Bombing in Nairobi, Kenya

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Reacting to the Mall Bombing in Nairobi, Kenya

For the past few days my eyes have been glued to the TV reports and ears to the radio reports for anything being said about the horrific scene in the Westgate Mall of Nairobi, Kenya.  With 61 people dead and many on top of that injured… I wonder if any were my friends.

I have many friends living in Nairobi.  And when we visited them in 2007, my wife and I were in that same Mall to meet up with some of the friends.  We also shopped in the grocery store and the market place where we found amazing African artisans selling their goods.

It seems like only yesterday we were there.

I have been in contact with a few friends – but no accurate update so far. The waiting has continued each agonizing day and even hour at first.

Just before we arrived in Kenya there had been an attack by Islamic extremists on one of the largest churches and their compound. The church has a radio station on its grounds which was the target of the armed extremists attacks.  Some folk were killed in that skirmish and the Christian community was shocked.

Kenya has been impacted and moved forward by the help of the church over the years.  The story is remarkable to read and hear about.  But at the same time it has risen and it has become a great influence in Kenya – so has the efforts of the Islamic folk.

Consider this… most of the country of Kenya has been covered by Christians reaching out in love.  However the east coast of Kenya has been solidly controlled by the Islamic folk.   In fact most of the east coast of Africa is inhabited by people influenced by the extreme Islamic views.  Added to that the lower set of society in education and ability in these places… Islam can pretty well manipulate the course these people.

When I saw what was happening and heard what the Church leadership were saying – about the need for protection… it certainly makes sense now.

For the extremists to strike at the heart of what is happening in Nairobi… the heart of where many of the support staff of the Church hangout on their days off… makes perfect sense.

The Somalia issues are mentioned in reports… however I doubt that this is the only reason.  Hatred for Christians and attacks by the radical Islamic factions makes more sense.

The same weekend this happened in Nairobi a church with its 600 to 700 occupants was attacked with bombs in Pakistan… and many more Christians died.  Is that a coincidence?  I doubt it.

Today I am praying for these folks that are so far away from home… and in such a dangerous place to live. I also pray for their families back home that are agonizing over their kids being in that dangerous place.

God keep them safe…please.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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