Friday, April 6, 2012

Traveling the Back Roads is better

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Today’s Blog Post
Traveling the Back Roads is better

Yesterday for the first time after a few days we started the vehicle and headed out to do more tourist stuff. Heading in between Antique Shops and things we wanted to see we had to cross over to another side of a nearby city. This could be done by smaller roads and many maps with guesses added… BUT instead we went up on to the Main Highway – the QEW – or Queen Elizabeth Way.

Oh boy… do you ever have to put the pedal to the metal when you enter this one.

After that shot of adrenalin and my white knuckle driving we headed back to slo-mo… a much better speed for me.

(Today however slo-mo is going back into hiding again and white knuckles are coming out… we head home this afternoon or evening..)

The Back Roads have so much to offer…
While driving the back roads we discovered so much more. Things that stick with you forever… like…

The sign on the building in the small town… a shop actually… with many cars out front… that stated, “In life things happen. We 100% guarantee that we can make things unhappen!” Whites Collision and Repair Centre.

That was so cool!

Or in the small town that looks like only Seniors live there is a beautiful old church. Coming up to the church is fairly steep driveway with a parking lot at the back. This is the Caledonia Presbyterian Church with the photos below.

As you can see this is a perfect place for teens to be attracted to with rails, and slopes and areas to hang around… and specially to use your skate board on…!

So there on the front area was a sign that tells more about the people inside than the teens outside… and likely is an Insurance applied idea… take a look…

The Lingo…
Then there are the restaurants that you can eat at…which are usually served by very young people… and I should add friendly kids. Their youth bubbles out and their desire to help you is amazing. Their approach is a little different… and maybe my age is showing when the pert young thing steps up and asks, “What can I get for you guys?” while smiling from ear to ear.

“What can I get for you guys?”???

As my wife and I sat there looking at the menu I giggled inside. Here I am knocking on 68 years old. The young thing that is serving us has no more than maybe got through Grade 10 and is doing the waitress thing after school… and she is treating me as one of “the guys” that sit down the next two booths. And to have my wife known as one of “the guys” is plain old fun.

She also said the same thing to another much older couple who had to be 72 years old – across the aisle from us. I saw his wife blink and then ask her husband what the girl had called them.

Last evening we ate in the Flying Saucer Restaurant in Niagara Falls ( ). The description is that they have “Great Food that is out of this world!”

The whole restaurant is the shape of two flying saucers – talk about retro!

The roast beef open face sandwich was three inches high! I should have taken a photo but it was half gone when I thought of the camera.

When paying for the bill the waitress said, “Thanks Guys!” Whoa. There it was again… too cool. I am young again!

As much as possible I chose the back roads of my life. Local culture far surpasses the highly trained Swiss Challet, Red Lobster and Perkins places!

I chose the back roads because they are moving at my speed… and no one shows me their finger when I pull out into traffic.

Yea! Back Roads forever!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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