Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Michalchuk’ Oooffda – Lukaszuk and an election

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Today’s Blog Post
Michalchuk’ Oooffda – Lukaszuk and an election

What a cool story to hit the front page and top media groups!

An asthmatic old man let a politician have it, on the old man’s front porch.

The politician came door knocking and the homeowner wanted nothing to do with the jerk. So he told the politician to get lost and get off his property. When the politician wouldn’t leave the old guy went into action and tried to lay a few on the politician.

Now the old feller had an opposition sign on his front lawn from what I read, which should have given the politician the idea that he was not stepping on to friendly ground.

The old man is Mr. Michalchuk. The politician is Mr. Lukaszuk is not just some ordinary politician, he is the Education Minister for the present ruling party, the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta.

I can only ASSUME that Mr. Michalschuk knew the dude at his door and didn’t want him anywhere near his door or property. Mr. Michalschuk also is a Wildrose Party supporter who is hoping that his party will oust the Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta.

Holy Mackerel – Mr. Lukaszuk, don’t you know that fellow Albertans are serious about their politics? When they finally commit to putting a sign up on their property they have made up their mind!! So back off PCs – no matter how Progressive you think you are!!!!! !!!! !!! !! !

Now seeing by their names that these two fine gentlemen are of Ukrainian heritage will give you another perspective. They like their politics. In the old country they had to fight extreme battles with all kinds of powerful people. And when they came over here the fight was still there in many places.

I came to know many Ukrainians very well when I had the privilege to be a Minister in a large Ukrainian community. They were the funniest men that I had ever met. They were also people that didn’t forget your kindness to them… and at times if they didn’t like what you did… they never forgot that either.

With the Ukrainian men that I met you never had to guess which side they might be on. They were very clear about what they felt.

One story to help you understand…
Another minister that had served the same church that I was working in told me his story. The church at that time was in need of a paint job. The place was run down and downright ugly. The minister bought the paint. That summer he had a student minister working with him. So they started the paint job on the building.

That seems straight forward doesn’t it? Free slave labour. Free paint job. Should be easy – right?

Nope not at all! The old Ukrainian men in the church did not want that church painted. They gathered across the street from the student painter and glared at him for doing what he was doing to their church and with the money to by the paint. And they didn’t like it at all.

The young student painter had a name that ended in ‘chuk’ – but that didn’t matter. He was doing something that none of them had authorized or agreed with. And he was the centre of their hatred!

The minister told me the story and so did the “student minister” from that time – who is now an ordained minister and highly educated. The both laughed when they told me the story. I didn’t laugh at the time in that I was the present minister of that same church and not everyone agreed with me or wanted me to do some things either.

My lesson with this story is for Mr. Lukaszuk – you better not mess with the dude. The dude will win… and you will lose. There will be Wildrose signs on every lawn soon!

But on the other hand there is something to say for Mr. Michalschuk. When these pesky politicians show up and do their door knocking on my door I want to do the same thing to them as I do with the JWs. “Sorry – I am not interested – good bye!”

But they stand there and try their best to shove their little bundle of baloney my way. In our area I have had that happen. I wanted to throw a certain politician off my front porch as well, but held back on my “Michalschuk oooffda” and waited till the spiel was over.

But with this post today I am launching a new thought. Our country needs a little more “Michalschuk oooffda” now. If the “Michalschuk oooffda” was there politics would get interesting to the max.

With “Michalschuk oooffda” there would not be the $15 Billion plus $10 Billion of hidden fees baloney floating around in a F35 far above the clouds!

With “Michalschuk oooffda” there would not be the Elections Canada investigation going on now and the stupid phone calls that we all got would not be happening because Mr. Michalchuk might give you the Oooffda off his porch.

There is a good thought! We need a Oooffda Party in Canada and Mr. Michalchuk would be a good leader – asthma and all.

This story is not over at all.

Nope – you shouldn’t push or shove or punch a politician! That is illegal to the max… no matter how illegal what they have done has been. You can’t punch them.

But when the election comes you can give them the Oooffda! “Goodbye Zuk, Chuk and Schmuck, you are off my porch for good!”

Ooo that felt so good!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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