Friday, April 13, 2012

“Julie Wilson you startled something in me…”

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Today’s Blog Post
“Julie Wilson you startled something in me…”

Like Julie Wilson I watch people. She collects information about what they are reading at a particular moment, I collect everything about them. She sees what they are wearing at the moment that they are reading specific book… I do that plus I see them over and over again in the same coffee shops and community places.

I used to ride the subway system the same as Julie does. I watched similar people and recorded what I saw that was unusual about them – for my amusement.

I never forget them after recording their reactions, what they are saying, or reading, or doing at that moment in time. They are now in my brain forever.

Julie collects information about what they were reading that particular moment.

Julie has now published a book about her encounters with people that were reading. Now she has not spoken to the person, only recorded what she witnessed. In her new book “Seen Reading” the accounts are published for all of us to read.

Nope – Julie I haven’t bought the book yet. I have read a lot about it though.

The thing that I am most fascinated with is that I have found Julie by way of the newspaper articles and the internet pieces that are written. I have also read the internet information that Julie has written. And summing some of that up at this minute – I have found some one that thinks like I do. Weird – really weird!

Whoa, in the forest…
I feel today as if I am a strange creature that has roamed the forest floor for years. I have been alone for so long I cannot remember. And at this moment I have just come by a tree, looked up and there in front of me is someone that is just like me. I have never met this creature before… but it is as if we have known each other forever.

The creature before me does not even know that I am there… but I can see the similarities in us. We are so much alike.

But as I move on leaving her standing there alone eating the delicious food in front of her… I do not want to interrupt her.

I move on and think of our similarities. The person that is so much like me will never know that I have been this close and thought this much about her.

Too weird… too very complicated and way too weird.

Back to this world…
As I sit this morning in McDonalds restaurant, the men at the next tables are back again sitting in the exact same seats that they sit on every morning, of every day. The odd part is that they are wearing the same clothes each morning as well. No kidding they have the same clothes on each day.

These men tell the same jokes to each other, laugh the same way, and have pecking order of who should speak first, second and third. Some are ignored. Others are always the centre of their worlds.

These men all worked together in a factory at one time. From their relative ages they must have retired about the same time as well. And if I could have been there – they likely were sitting together at lunch time back in the factory and the coffee times as well. They likely were telling the same stories and lies – and laughing in the same order.

But I doubt that there is a market for being a voyeur of human nature… and reactions towards each other in retirement years.

I will continue my small adventure along with the people that I collect each day. They are part of my treasure.

Just now as I looked up… there is a young man watching me type my words out for this posting. Too funny. I am weird and he has noticed it. I wonder if he is like me as well.


Julie Wilson you startled something in me… and have revealed a part of me that no one knew about before.

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 


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