Friday, April 27, 2012

The Java Jive and the Aged People at the Gardens - Smooth Music

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Today’s Blog Post

The Java Jive and the Aged People at the Gardens - Smooth Music

“Smooth” is the best word I can use to describe the sound of “Java Jive”.  Java Jive performed last evening at the Royal Gardens (Retirement Residence) in Peterborough, Ontario.  Very smooth.

Three gentlemen shared their vocals while one fellow played an amazing guitar.  They were engaging to say the least.  What style and what sound!

Java Jive last night took me back to days before I was born… and different times since I was born – but do not remember.  They “crooned”.  So very different than most music that I hear today.

Right now the Musical Background at McDonald’s Restaurant is all pop… very pop… rock and roll mixed with the very popular music of today. It is so different from the grace of the Java Jive group of last evening.

As I sat listening to these guys sing last night I was drawing parallels in my mind and contrasts. I was trying to find where I fit in this great spectrum of sound.

I grew up on Rock and Roll.. noisy and with a great beat.. a deep beat.  I listened to Western Music for a long time until the stories of the old songs were all memorized and there was nothing more to learn from them.

I also listened to church music. It was generally from a Hymn Book but could also be from memorization.  Then it changed rapidly in recent times and it is on a screen now – very seldom memorized because it changes too quickly… with so much new to take in.

Now my age has nothing to do with it! How dare you think that!!!

It is too much to shift all the time.

Yet as I listened to Java Jive last evening I realized how far we have come from the “crooning” days.  The slow, mellow, soft, suggestive, plaintive, pleading of the old songs – is amazing. It is so far from the stuff that is on all the time now.

I walked into my friend’s workshop the other day. What a shock!  He had music on that was from a Classical Station! Imagine!  My rock and roll in my garage makes me embarrassed to say the least.  But my friend makes better wood working than I do!! So his music needs to be better as well… I guess.

As I have been reflecting on this thought of musical differences and preferences I smile. So much has changed in me.

Not long ago my three grandsons were in my vehicle with me. I had some cool beat on the radio. As I looked at the grandson beside me his head was moving rhythmically to the beat. He likes the same stuff as I do!  Too cool.

But with the lack of variety today.. he may never know what a crooner is… and as far as sitting through a slow, smooth and gentle sound that is filled with harmonizing… he will never know what that is about.

The Java Jive was performing to an audience of very old people… that were young when these songs were sung.

Fast forward the time and have me sitting where the seniors are sitting now.. the music will not be smooth – but rather Bump, Bump, Bump – Thump Thump Thump wooo a wooo a uh!

Times are changing too fast for me!  Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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