Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reflections on Being a Wrinkled 68 year old

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Today’s Blog Post
Reflections on Being a Wrinkled 68 year old

Having just passed another birthday that was a rather big one, I have done a lot more thinking about what has been.

An appropriate saying pops into my mind as this thinking has been rolling around.

“The days I have left are less than the days that I have left.” ~ Bill Wilson

If you are scratching your head a little on that one, just add the word “behind” at the end of the quote.

I turned a magic number of 68 this month.

In the thoughts of some of my Chinese friends I am in my very best year. The sounds of 68 in Cantonese indicate that I will be “always(6) lucky(8)” this year. And 69 should be the same in Chinese terms… with 70 switching over to the English kind of luck where 7 plays a huge part. Then when 77 comes along, or 88, or 98 you will see the greatest luck possible coming to mankind.

It likely won’t make much difference to most of my readers in the English speaking world and also if they are under 40-ish.

But when you get to the next stage of your life which is called the final days, you start looking at it all differently. You need as many 68 and 69 in your life as possible.

Now many of my old friends that are about the same age as I am are discovering the not so nice realities of the age. Stuff that should be functioning okay is not working so well. Other stuff that is not working so well is being looked at for replacement parts. And still other stuff that his not good at all they are suggesting pills to get it working again, looking to cut it off or out altogether and then leave you with hopes that a good therapist will get it working again.

And then to keep the stuff all working a little better, lubricated, stimulated and pump-ticated… we take oodles of pills – on top of what the Doctors prescribe.

The best one I heard of yesterday was the newest self-prescribed medication program. A lady that we know told us that her sister is now using “Preparation H” on her face! Holy Mackerel Bat Man – Prep H – really?

Preparation H sucks the water out of the tissue that it is applied to. Usually that is a “big ole hemorrhoid” that is hurting like everything. Prep H makes it a lot better. But applying it other places also is possible.

Yep… here are some suggestions that I found on the Internet – regarding this one… (quoting the information but not giving the source)

“When to apply “Prep H”? I'll list the popular ones accordingly –

* Before you go to bed. Sleep with it and let Preparation H do its magic while you're sleeping. Have a towel handy though when you wake up the next day because you might have a little puddle of sweat.

* When you are doing Cardio.

* When you tan. However, when you tan DO NOT apply the tanning lotion around the loose-skin and DO NOT wrap it unless you want to become BBQ

What Preperation H to use? The GEL not the Ointment. The ointment contains Shark-Oil which utterly smells like Dead Fish x1000 while the Gel smells like mint. Unless you can stand smelling like a Dead Fish go ahead and get the ointment but go for the GEL and save your smelling senses.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT USING PREPARATION H - Only use Preparation H at the end of the week of each month. This should not be used on a consistent basis like the Tanning. If used to often, Preparation H can make you sick, can permanently damage your skin then what you're originally aiming for, can permanently discolor or worse comes to worse disfigure your skin. This is by means no joke. Use Preparation H on a rare occasion that's why I only suggest using it at the end of each month for a couple days.
End of quote.

Doing a little more reading on this I found that the USA has pulled the original formula of Prep H and the original can only be found in Canada now. The original formula contains “shark liver oil and live yeast cell derivative” (LYCD). But when Canada’s save the shark people get a hold of this info it will be gone soon too.

So what do we do with what we have after the 60th mark in life?

Make the most of it – of course!

Wrinkles to me declare that my body has manufactured a lot more skin that I need right now. And should I start to grow again inside of my skin – I will have enough to keep it all covered up.

Stuff that is not working well inside or outside, likely wasn’t all that important anyway – or has served its purpose already.

Doing stuff to what isn’t working doesn’t make sense… when and if it does start working again it will put way to much stress on other parts that are in weakened states… and may cause the part being used to kill the rest!

Go ahead and lift that heavy box and see what I mean. Or maybe shovel lots of snow and do it like you did when you were sixteen. Or… well… that too!

You are not what you used to be! Now deal with that. “Suck it up princess!” as my granddaughter states it quite bluntly.

But I can do things at 68 that a 38 cannot do. A 48 can’t do it either.

If I am tired during the day I can lay down and sleep… and then sleep at night as well.

I can work if I want to – or not work. There is no boss to please and no idiots to work beside – when they are not working.

If I want to I can. If I don’t want to I don’t.

I am sure that this is the best time of my life… or any life… and it just looks better each day – so far.

But Prep H – I doubt I will try that. But there is this huge roll around my middle that I might work on… before the shark lovers get a hold on it all. I wonder if they sell large jars? Hmmm?

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

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