Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry are Responsible for what happened

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Today’s Blog Post
Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry are Responsible for what happened

Four friends of mine that are listed in the title of this posting are totally responsible for what has happened. They are all guilty of the use of others.  Note I didn’t say the use of other people’s property… just others.

I can’t believe that they could get away with this.  How dare they complicate people’s lives the way that they do!?

How dare they just be so persistent in what they are doing with their careful reactions?

Notice again I didn’t say careless or care-less!!!

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry are people that you only find once in a lifetime. They are totally unique and completely responsible. They have also been through their own great tragedies and struggles at times.

In fact it was during some the most difficult times in their lives that we came together. It was the problem that was almost sinking their personal boat that allowed me to become a part of their lives.

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry are completely responsible for being my friends and believing in me.

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry are also behind a new opportunity for ministry that is now rising to an important area in the lives of potentially thousands of people that need it so much.

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry have no idea of what I am talking about so far.  Well here goes… this is the rest of the story.

Since 2008 I have had many struggles with what has happened in my life.  I retired from active ministry as a pastor of a Church. Before that for 10 years in the Church there were difficult times as well.  Using the word “difficult” is actually too mild. At times it was a nightmare with what happened… I loved the work and the ministry but at times it nearly killed me.

It was at the lower moments in time that Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry would contact me by email, by telephone, or a time of coffee together and ask how I was doing. Their words were uplifting and encouraging. They supported my wife and me with all that they had. Yet at times they still were facing troubling areas in their own lives.

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry – I won’t tell all of our stories together – but you folks know what I am referring to.

Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry along with Alida and Murray formed a deep friendship that has not been broken by the storms in our lives.

Now what happened…?
You can read what happened with a New Blog that was finally created yesterday.  It is simply entitled “We Believe in You” and its address is The posting on this Blog yesterday tells the story of where “We Believe in You” comes from… the small steps or final steps that led me to start this new ministry.

The very title I need to credit to Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry.  Over and over they acted this way, said things and did things that told me “We Believe in You!”  And every time they did this I was able to get up and go back at it again.

God used Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry in remarkable ways to keep Murray Lincoln whole and healthy spiritually and in many ways – sane!

So in posting this short “Thank You” note to my good friends Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry – I point to them as being partly responsible for “We Believe in You”

Thank you my friends for what you have done for me.  You are the best when you are simply Brenda, Winston, Marion and Terry!!!!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Well, We Thank you for this Blog, Murray & are glad if we were able to be there for you--but let it be known that you were there for us first! And we are Thankful. We share your excitement in your New Ministry--We Believe In You--it's what it's all about, isn't it--encouraging one another.
And it comes at a good time--I was a little down after the High of the wonderful family party over the week-end---left with a Now What?Well--I can be a praying partner in your new ministry!So Thanks again.Keep on with your good work---God Bless You.