Friday, April 20, 2012

Here is to Change – Bring it on – I love it

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Today’s Blog Post
Here is to Change – Bring it on – I love it
I am sure that it is a sign of aging. Change bothers me. I don’t hate change, it just leaves me uncomfortable. Just about the time that I get used to something, someone comes with a new idea.

I hear my friends, both young and old, muttering in that things change and it bothers them deeply.

Facebook is that way for sure. No sooner do you get a handle on what is happening and then they change the whole thing again.

This Blog, as part of, has just changed the whole operation behind the scenes. To publish this Post on this Blog I had a whole new set of parameters to consider yesterday. Oh Boy! Change.

Then to top it off one of my favorite Internet Browsers – “Chrome” by Google has changed as well. The change has not been good though. I cannot see certain things on the screen when I try to publish through Chrome.  So I have to go to my Mozilla.

Now for some of my friends the words I just used make no sense at all.  If I ask them how their Browser is working or if they have ever tried Chrome – they look at me like I am nuts or from another world.  They have no idea what Mozilla is or why they might try to user Too darn funny actually.

They are older folks and have little idea of what has changed without them knowing it.

Yet old doesn’t mean totally that you don’t like change.

Give an old guy, that has no idea what Mozilla or Facebook is about, an opportunity to buy a new 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid and he will jump at it I am sure.

Now mind you if the car that he bought kept changing as he drove it from A to B… he might be a little frustrated I am sure.

Today I am sitting at the same table at my McDonalds. I arrived at about the same time and will leave at the same time. I have answered my emails and written my story. I have published to two Blogs already today.  My life is pretty steady right now.

The guys across from where I sit at McDonalds had to move over to new seats. The regular seats that they sit on were being sat upon by someone that doesn’t belong there. They must have come from outside the area.  It kind of ruffled their feathers a little and they had to squeeze into another area.

Yet change is good for me. It requires me to use both Long and Short Term memories. And I am convinced that if we don’t need short term and use it less by refusing to entertain new things – we will lose it faster.

Whoa – Lincoln.. yesterday you were complaining about the closure or KP? What about that? Isn’t that like resisting change or something?

Nope.  Making decisions that are driven by a one sided attitude that will not change.. that will not bend and that will not consider the possibilities from other points of view… is not good at all.

Changes made for the good of the whole of society is not the same. When it is made because you are always right and no one else knows as much as you do… it is wrong.  The dictator thinks that way. 

So I have accepted the changes to Mozilla, Chrome, Facebook, Windows, and all the other things that pas through my life.

Here is to Change – bring it on – I love it.


~ Murray Lincoln ~

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