Monday, January 2, 2012

A Wee FaceBook Problem – Watch out what You Share!

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Today’s Blog Post

A Wee FaceBook Problem – Watch out what You Share!

I have a whole bunch of Friends on Facebook. Many of these Friends are fun loving, happy go lucky, and some are sometimes religious people.

Sometimes religious people? What do you mean?

Well you know… some are ministers and others are church goers… they kind of do a lot of churchy stuff. You know the type if you have them on your FaceBook friends list… they send you Bible stuff and all sorts of God stuff to try to get you to like religious stuff.

In that I am retired minister I still have lots of religious friends as well. These religious friends have included me among their Facebook Group. I get lots of religious stuff from this kind. They write little inspiring sayings and drop God Talk all over the place.

I also have lots of not-so-religious friends on my FaceBook friends list as well. And I am sure that they find it as funny as I do sometimes. As they read what my religious friends post on their Wall – we all laugh.

I have a number of “Nothing-to-do-with-Christianity” and “Other-Faith-Group” kind of Friends.

A religious friend of mine loves posting, or I should say reposting which is also called “Share” in Facebook talk, signage that he gets from other folk on his FaceBook list. When the photo is shown it is usually very funny or makes some spunky statement about life in general.

If you click on the photo or image that shows it will enlarge and be easier to see. It also then gives you an opportunity to see the other photos in the file where this photo/image originated.

That is the place where my non-religious friends must split a gut. The religious guys have just shared a file with some of the most lewd posters/images possible.

Whoa! Some of the religious friends of mine need to not Share your stuff. Some of it is not a whole lots religious at all.

This morning I was checking my Facebook for the new posts of the early morning or of last night. One very religious guy clicked on “Share” and the whole world, all his friends and all mine could see the funny image. I clicked on the image and it became larger… with the opportunity to see what else was in this file.

Holy Mackerel! The files was filled with all kinds of “S-E-X” stuff and also the “F” word on what seemed like every second image. My dear religious friend had just let the whole world know that what he shares and what he reads is not very religious after all.

I have a mind to tell him about what he has sent. The image was hilarious – but the related images in that file were not so good to push out to all of us. In fact they were downright offensive to many people that I know.

What can be done about it?
Well one of the best ways to deal with it is… not send it to anyone in the format that you receive it. Oh you can send it but just not in that format.

Here is what you should try. “Right click” on the image that you like and “Save image as” – give it a new name and likely place it in your Download File… or wherever you want to save it… something like “Silly things from FaceBook” file.

The files is then on your computer.

Next you can make your comment in the appropriate line in “What’s on your mind?” box where you update your status. After you type in your comment about the great image that you have, click on “Add Photo/Video”. This is where you can go to your “Silly things from FaceBook” file and select the great image.

Now remember that this photo is added to all the others that you have uploaded in the past on your FaceBook. If you do this often there could be hundreds of photos shown.

Remembering that all your friends on FaceBook can see this stuff is important. They can see your humour and your hidden nature… and also the maybe not so religious stuff that you look at. Hmmm?

My very religious friend(who is a Pastor) that may not want his terribly religious Church Board Friends reading all the “S-E-X” stuff and all the “F” words, needs to rethink this quickly. And remember that all the non-religious friends are laughing their heads off.

Stop and Think before you click on Share!

Having said all that I want my friend that sends out these things to know that I do appreciate what he sends me. He has a very funny sense of humour! I just need him to know that maybe the “S-E-X” stuff isn’t too cool when dear Sister So-and-So gets her computer up and running again… and like as not she is on FaceBook too. She just might have a heart attack with what you shared!!!

Having said all that, I did collect all the funny photo/images that were in my Friend’s suggested series. I skipped all the other stuff. Yep.. I saw it all!

Take care FaceBook friends of mine. My grandkids sometimes look over Grandpa’s friend’s post! Oh Boy!

~ Murray Lincoln ~ 

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Thanks very much for this information, Murray---I had No Idea there was Anything behind these "posters" some of which I have shared lately! Hmmm---

Glad to see you're Up on all things Facebook!