Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The GROUP – The Pale Octopus, Hairy Chested Yeti Crab, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

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Today’s Blog Post

The GROUP – The Pale Octopus, Hairy Chested Yeti Crab, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

Like I could care less! Really!!! The Iowa Caucus is all we poor Canadians are being fed lately. That is likely because there is no Tsunami to flood our news lately from Asia or a big rain storm in Newfoundland. But I care about floods and giant waves… just not American Politics.

One guy is a Catholic. The other guy is a Mormon. The other guy is not so religious as the other two and tends to be more angry. And all three guys(plus others) are running for a spot to lead a successful party in the last election… yet they didn’t win the top spot… it was their leader that was defeated so he couldn’t be President of the USA… and the guy that did become President won but his party lost so he has to fight with and in the government of the country and they get nothing done.

Now does that all make sense?

And last night when all things Holy in Canada were taking place in Calgary, the World Junior Hockey Game was being played with Canada facing off with Russia – where Canada nearly got creamed 6 to 1 but instead only lost by ONE POINT in the end… Mitt, Rick and Newt plus the others were all voted on to see which one “Iowa Republicans” wanted for their leader.

Now that sentence and thought is way too long and very confusing to say the least. So is what happened.

Now at the very same time a group of scientists were elated as they announced that way down at the bottom of the sea they had found a Pale Octopus and a Hairy Chested Yeti Crab along with numerous other new creatures. That happened somewhere near Antarctica… a long way from Iowa… and a million miles from Calgary’s hockey rink.

Why would Canadians need to know what the Republicans are doing anywhere? The Republicans could care less what we think in Canada – the same as the Democrats feel about us. But President Barak Obama does have in-laws living in Burlington, Ontario – so he knows something about Canada.

It is like thinking that the USA or any USA-inian would care about an insignificant Conservative or Liberal Candidate would be elected to office in some small town in P.E.I. (– for my American friends… that is Prince Edward Island.) P.E.I. and Iowa are almost the same… lots of farmers, flat land and not a lot of people.

USA-inians wouldn’t care about what happens in P.E.I. – neither do I care about Iowa. (With deep apologies to my Iowa Roots and relatives!)

A Pale Octopus and a Hairy Chested Yeti crab is a lot more interesting.

Instead of watching either the Iowa stuff or the Holy Canadian Hockey I went to an amazing show about a “War Horse” – which was fantastic to say the least.

It was this morning that I caught up on the Pale Octopus, Hairy Chested Yeti Crab along with Mitt, Rick and Newt.

It is a cold January day and we need a break from politics. We love the Ocean stuff in that it gets us away from the political stuff above the surface.

Hang on tight Canadians. The ‘scream and holler folk’ are about to return to Ottawa and our government. Our one party will not listen to the other parties and no one seems to care. The election is all over here… we can now watch Mitt, Rick and Newt.

Is this world upside down or what? Yep. The Pale Octopus and Hairy Chested Yeti Crab win today – absolutely.

~ Murray Lincoln ~


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