Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy and My Imagination

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Today’s Blog Post

The Hunger Games Trilogy and My Imagination

Two done and one to go! Wow! What a story is unfolding in my mind.

I had mentioned earlier that I had read “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Well I just added another to my list of Books complete – and that is her second in the Trilogy – “Catching Fire”.

The reaction is powerful inside of me. I am almost over powered by the things she has described with her words.

It is like taking a holiday away from the reality of this life to another world and time… a very unreal world that is too real.

In reading one review of this series a lady stated that after reading the book she could not stop the images in her head. She thought continually of the book and the story – even after completing it!

It is actually more than a story and more than a book – it is real. It is far more than I can handle and yet I want more. And yet it is just a book and a story!

If it sounds like I am recommending the Book as something you should read… you have guessed correctly. YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

As I have been reading it and rolling it over in my mind, I see shades of my present world and also my past world. You know the real earth that we live on with real governments that do really stupid things.

This is a political book that doesn’t really try to be political.

It could be and should possibly be required reading for all students before they graduate from High School. It could and would have a bearing on what they might act like in the community at large.
I can’ tell you more than that or it will spoil your own read of this material. And you need to take time to savour it well.

When my daughter Dana gave this to me as one of my Christmas presents, she said, “Dad you are going to love this. It will soon be out as a Movie… and you need to read the books first!”

Dana, this rates as one of the “bestest” Christmas presents – EVER! WOW!

I am well into the “Mockingjay”, book number three. I missed yesterday’s Blog Post because of the book… and the story and my imagination rolling over and over and over again.

Katniss Everdeen you are something else! So are you Suzanne Collins!!! So are you!

~ Murray Lincoln ~

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